• Season 5, Ep 13

Deyjah The Prankster

Deyjah is out to prove to T.I. that she can prank with the best of them, too bad Tiny gets caught in the crossfire.

07/25/2016 ยท 1:32

Nobody thinks I canprank, huh?

I'll show them.

What's up,Miss E-Money?

What's up, buddy?


Okay, we're roll brothers.

Hey, you're lookin' cute.

Why you lookin' so cute today?

We gotta make upa handshake.

We're gonnaslide back.

Stay right there.

Slide glide.

So, King, can I havemy lighter back or not?

Stole her lighter.No comment.

So, what do you plan ondoing tonight?

I'm talking to you.Oh, me?


What the hell?


Who put thisin the refrigerator?Not me.

You did it.

Look, why you smiling?

Why is she smiling?Because it's funny.


Prankster.It's one of you guys.

This is disgusting.

Off to a good start.One prank down.

It seems like some boypranked your stuff.

I don't know, but I'm gonnaget y'all back.

I'm gonna get y'all back.

I'm gonna get y'all back,I'm telling you.

My eyes...

both my...

"S." With an "S"at the end.

My eyes?They on you.

They not on you, though.

I mean, I'm just sayingI'm watching you.

I mean, not like creepy, but...

when I can watch you,I will be watching you.


You're an idiot.