• Season 3, Ep 7 · Bonus

Safaree and Nikki Clear The Air

Nikki meets with Safaree to apologize for being dishonest and to explain why she kept her relationship with Rosa a secret from him.

09/26/2016 · 3:10



Hi to you, too.

What's up?

I'm glad you came.

I wanted to clearthings up with you.Mmm.

Um, I don't really likehow (bleep) happened

with the three of us.I felt like, you know,

we should have hada separate conversation

and her and I should havea separate conversation.

Initially, when you had walkedin and you were like,

can I join, or can I watch,

I felt a little disrespected,'cause I know you as a person

and I knowyou're not like that.

So when you said that,I was like, who is--

who is this Safaree?

Do I need to know something?

Did it get you mad?

I felt disrespected.

Well, I wanted to--

I felt likeI don't know who you are,

like, you don't even saythose kind of things.

I wanted youto feel what I felt,

so that's why I cameat you like that.

You felt lied to,you didn't feel disrespected.

Of courseI felt disrespected.

When you lie to somebody,that's disrespecting them.

Yeah, but--You're--

You're talkingabout me saying

that I wantedthe both of y'all,

but not talking about youplaying the both of us.

I wasn't all the way honest,but I never--

I don't feel likeI fully played you,

with (bleep) another manand doing all that.

You weren't honest at all.

Not all the way, you weren'thonest at all.

You're not about to putall this on me,

like you don't haveissues yourself

and reason for me feelinghow I feel towards you.Whatever.

This is all about you justnot coming out and telling me

'cause before all of this,you said, yo,

if I feel like I'm gonnastart seeing someone

or seeing anyone else,I'm gonna let you know,

and I said, I'm gonna dothe same thing.

I'm not in a relationshipwith either one of you.

I don't owe anybody (bleep).

Look, whether you ina relationship or not--

I could have been honest.Okay.

Point blank, period.

And I apologize for that.

So everything right nowis your fault.

I just want to know, right?

If I didn't walk inand see that,

how long was thisgonna be going on for

between the two of y'all?

Honestly, I was gonnatell you, like, ASAP.

Even if you don'tbelieve me.

Because it wasa lot on my shoulder,

like, hanging out with you,hanging out with her.

People know who you are,people know who she is.

So I felt like--

I felt likeI couldn't live my life.

It's like, I can't go out withyou without people finding out.

And she's gonna ask me,I couldn't hang out with her

without you finding out.

It was justa lot on me

that I didn't evenwant to deal with.

I just want you to knowI really did

feel bad aboutthis whole situation

and the reason I wasn'ttelling you was not

'cause I wantedto be dishonest with you,

it's just 'cause I--

I really didn't know thedirection of our relationship

and her relationshipwith me.

I was really just takingmy time to figure out,

like, okay,how serious is this?

Is this something I shouldexplain to him?

Is it somethingI should tell her?

Of course, me kinda hiding itfrom both of you was not right,

but you know, I was just,honestly, just trying to see

what was gonna happenbetween us.

But I'm just letting you knowthat I'm pretty sure

you doingwhatever you doing

and just like you alwayslike to say,

you figuring it out.I am.

But I'll let youfigure it out,

but not for so long.