• Season 5, Ep 10

D. Smith Makes A Scene At The Anti-Bullying Event

At Deb Antney’s “No RIP” anti-bullying event, D. Smith and Tammy get into a nasty personal argument.

06/06/2016 · 3:05

(Deb)Thank you guys so much.

Now I want to open the floor.

I would like youto step to the podium.


I caught Tammy's littlesubliminals,

and I didn't comehere to start any trouble,

but I didn't come here to keepmy mouth shut.

I came to have a voice.

(D.)I wanted to tell you,I appreciate

what you're doing.

I appreciateeveryone here.

At a very early age,

I was extremely...confused and stressed,

because I didn't know how--

especiallyin a black family--

how to sit down and talkto my family.

When I had the opportunityto finally tell people

that I was transgender,

they didn't take the timeto listen and talk.

Please,just take the time

to understand,

and if it makesthings a little easier,

it's worth it, it's worththe conversation.

It is hard to sit here and hearD. Smith talk about

compassion and understanding.

It just seemsso hypocritical to me.

I understand completelywhat you're saying,

that's why my daughteris sitting right here.

See, I raised my child, she'svery much a ten-year-old

and I know it's hard tokind of explain those things

as a parent-- I don't know'cause you're--

you know,you're not a parent,

but it's hard to explainsome things

when your childdoesn't even know about

the birds and the bees yet.

She didn't evenunderstand sexuality.

But this isthe misunderstanding,

and this is a hugeunderstanding.

Transgender has nothingto do with sexuality.

It has nothingto do with sex.

It has to do withthe soul.

D., I came to you genuine,

and I'm not tryingto attack you now,

but I'm just telling youas a woman,

like I really felt attacked

because of something ofopinion that my husband has.

Waka Flockahas a platform.

He should use itresponsibly.

When he was asked about

what he think aboutthe trans community,

why didn't he just say,

"I like trans people,"or "trans people are cool"?

Because he doesn'tfeel that way.

This is not the timeor the place for

D. and Tammy with this drama.

I was really hoping we couldhave an open discussion

and they could clarify somethings between the two of them,

but I see we about to gosomewhere else.

He didn't say "F" them,don't come to my house,

I don't dealwith them at all.

He said, "I don't agree withtheir lifestyle,"

just like some people don'tagree with his lifestyle.

He is intheir lifestyle!

Don't say--

No--No, hold up, hold up, no.

Let me just say--

... straddling the fence.Listen, I saidhe has his opinion,

and he can havehis opinion--

If you guysare married--

if you guys are married, thatmeans that you are one.

We are one.

If that's the case,I wouldn't have went through

half the (bleep) I wentthrough with my husband,

because if we hadthe same opinion,

the (bleep) wouldn't have didhalf the (bleep) he did to me.

(Deb)Hold up a minute.

This is not what I wantto go through.

I don't carewho or what you are.

I didn't know what tothink when D. Smith

slammed her fist downon the daggone table.

The conversation wentfrom zero to 100 real quick.

I thought we was coming hereto prevent chaos,

not to start chaos.

We're not about togang up on her...

(Tammy)Ain't nobodyganging up on her!

Until this kind of stuff stop,

ain't nobody gonna bein acceptance.

Get the hell up out of here.

I'm sick of-- this isdone for me.

Let's go, darling.'Cause it's just too much.

This is not the forum for Tammyto make this personal,

but you know what?

Some people justcan't help themselves.

I came here in peace to spreadthe word about bullying

in the transgender community,

not to have itout with Tammy.

You gotta go there withthe bull(bleep).

Why, why?