• Season 3, Ep 9

Does Fetty Wap Want To Be With Masika?

While in the studio, Fetty Wap breaks down the type of relationship he wants to have with Masika.

10/10/2016 ยท 3:00

That (bleep)'s fire,my guy.

I'm trying to get thislittle mix tape together

before we do the album,you know.

Trying to keep the fanshappy, you feel me?

I know it's fullof straight heat.

Yeah, it's been a little...You know, yeah, it's been hot.

It was just like, I cameto give him something,

so I was trying to dosomething different for him,

give him a little differentflow, you feel me?

I got it.How long you in L.A.?

Uh, right now, I'm only out herefor, like, a couple day

Yeah, you spoke to Masika?

Yo, man, last time we talkedwasn't really that good.

That's why I just wannamake this (bleep), like,

clear with her, you feel me?

"Like, I don't want to bein a relationship with you.

"Like, I don't wanna bein love with you,

"I don't wanna bein a fake love,

"I don't want to bein a three-month love,

whatever you wanna call it."We was never that.

It was a three-dayweekend.

You forgot I wasthere with Shah.

That's crazy. She said I waslooking for a house with her.

"Like, I was never lookingfor no house with you."

You know what I'm saying?I just want to bemy daughter's father.

Right now, the way shewant me to be Kari's father,

I don't want to be it that way.You feel what I'm saying?

Because every single timeme and her get together,

man, even if it'sten minutes,

it's just like,a story go up, pshew.

"Fetty Wap, Masika,da-da-da-da-da."

She let the world know.

"So for you to thinkthat you gonna bring me down

"'cause of what youtelling the world?

"You could tell the worldall you want.

"That ain't gonna help yoube a better mother.

"My daughter's motherdon't complain.

"My son'smother don't complain.

"If my daughter wantsto sleep back in Jersey,

"I'm not coming over to yourhouse at no 2:00 in the morning.

"I'll see you tomorrow,and there's no problemwith that.

"She have no problem.

With you, it goeson the Internet."

Like, what the (bleep)?You know what I'm saying?

Like, it justdon't make no sense.

I hung around herthe whole nine monthsshe was pregnant.

I was gonna keep itmutual.

I wasn't even gonna getinto the middle of it,

but like I said,you my (bleep),

so I'm gonnakeep you updated.

I'm telling you, it's--it's all one plan.

That one planall revolves back

to the same (bleep),though.

That don't makeno sense though, man.

Money will ruinyour relationship

and ruin your reputation.

But money, she couldhave the money, 'cause,

hey, when we wasgetting along, it was simple.

(bleep), it was simple.

Got the crib, bro,I spent like,

$30,000 on my daughterin one day.

It's cool, though, like,everything come to the light

and if this whatshe want to do,

if this how she wannalive her life--

She wanna base her lifeoff of Fetty Wap,

the artist,you know what I'm saying?

'Cause Fetty Wapain't no person, man.

I mean, like, Fetty Wapjust a (bleep) that make music,

like, you knowwhat I'm saying?

Fetty Wap just a name,that's an image,

it's a brand, a dudethat want all that (bleep).

Y'all don't know me, I'm Willie,like, you know what I'm saying?

I do what I gotta do'cause I don't got timefor that extra (bleep).

So the only thing thatyou can say about me is,

"Oh, he don'tcome out here."

You damn rightI don't come out here,

'cause every time I comeout here, I don't leave happy.

You know what I'm saying?Like... I ain't with that.

But, yo, like, my loyaltyis gonna be with my daughter,

you know what I'm saying?Right.

So no matter howshe make me look,

I'm still gonnabe there for her.

Whenever Karagets to that point

where she needsto call her daddy,

like, I'm always gonna bethere, you feel me?Right.

Even if me and her are notseeing eye to eye right now,

like, that'sgonna be my daughter

for the rest of my life.

Right."We're not a family.

She's your familyand I'm your baby father."