• Season 3, Ep 7

Nikki and Rosa Have An Awkward Confrontation

When Rosa shows up to the CossaMia event with a date, Nikki feels some type of way and makes sure that Rosa knows it.

09/26/2016 ยท 3:41

(Nikki)Tonight is the event at CossaMiadisplaying Nude By Nikki.

Rose and I were supposedto walk in together,

but we haven't reallybeen seeing eye to eye

since the whole Safareesituation happened.

Either way,business must still go on.

(Nikki)Hey, guys.


I may have arrived solo,but I have my girls with me.

I'm blessed--they've been here for me

the whole timeI've been going through

this crazy-asslove triangle.

Thank you guys so muchfor coming.

Of course, bitch.

First of all,can--

We need an update.What happened?

Bitch, I--I basically got caught up.

You know, I was in the roomwith Rosa, me and her,we was kissing.

And you know,Safaree walk in,

and he seen me and Rosakissing, and he's like...

First of all, I was like,"Ooh, he's mad."

I thought he was gonnaget horny or something.

(laughing)But, bitch, he was mad.

He started saying, you know,"I want y'all both."

And I said, first off,"Um," pause, "that's not cool."

And I tried to tell 'emboth, like, y'all,

this is not about you two,this is about me.

I'm the liar,I lied to y'all both.

They were still kindagoing back and forth.

They were arguing?Yeah, arguing.

I'm upset abouthow it happened,

but I'm gladthat they both know.

(Teairra)Dating multiple peopleis never easy,

and I know Nikki didn't wantto hurt Rosa or Safaree,

but now that the cat'sout the bag,

look like Nikkigot some explaining to do.

I don't know whoshe wants to be with,

but having two boos is notthe worst problem in the world.

(Rosa)Tonight is the launchof Nikki's line,

and because it's my store,

I am not gonna show upwith no arm candy.

Carter is my friendand my workout partner.

We met through a coupleof mutual friends,

and I've been knowing herfor a long time.

(indistinct chatter)


(Nikki)I think she gota new girlfriend.

Looks like Rosa'smoved on already.

But that's okay,I'm not mad.

It was never exclusivein the beginning anyway,

so I don't even knowwhy she was tripping on me.

Either way, she may thinkthat Safaree is a bad look,

but, honey, Rosa's dateis not a catch.

Not as flyas Miss Nikki Baby, honey.

Nobody will ever play me,so if she--

Her bringing a datewas to piss me off, that--

that wasn't gonnapiss me off.

Do the bird call,if you need us.


Cuckoo, cuckoo!(laughter)


Hi, beautiful.

This is my friend Carter.

Nice to meet you.You look nice tonight.

Oh, thank you, honey.Are you hitting on me?

Am I what?Are you hitting on me?

No, no.

I mean, I ama desirable woman.

I totally get it.

Do you like my titties?You looking at 'em a lot.

I guess I really hit a nervewith Miss Nikki Baby,

based on the little jabsthat she's throwing

at my friend Carter.

I can tell that she thinks thatthe world revolves around her,

and honey,it's not like that.

You are no queen here.

Safaree may kiss the groundthat she walks on.

Not me, honey.

I pay my own dinner,so I am not doing any of that.

I guess you my upgrade,or my replacement?

She doesn't lie,though.

She doesn't lieand she doesn't date lame.

Rosa, me and you(bleep) around.

You know that, you knowwhat type of bitch I am.

You also told me,we're not together,

he also told mewe're not together.

Cool, we're not together.

Now all of us can go (bleep)whoever the (bleep) we want.

You really showed mea part of your characterthat I wasn't expecting.

Rosa, me and you were notin a relationship.

What do I owe youto tell you that, then?

Because we were friends.Okay, we are friends.

But you obviouslydidn't waste no time,

so you're feelingsare not that hurt.

If you're mad and ifyou're a little jealous,that's okay.

No, honey,I don't get jealous.

If you feel like I was wrongand that's the end of the story,

then go be happy with heror somebody else.

I'm not stopping you.

Oh, she'd definitelybe happy with me.

That's great,let her be happy.

This is not about mebeing happy with anybody.

What I want is to hearyour apology and that's it.

I feel like it's actuallystarting to become redundant

because I've repeatedmyself so many times,

I'm getting frustratedat this point.

I can't hear your apology

because your attitudeis too loud.

You will not have to worry,'cause you not gonna get

no more apologiesout of my mouth, promise.

All right.

But I'll let you guysgo about your business.

All right.I'm gonna let y'alltwo go about your date.

All right.Awesome.