• Season 3, Ep 3 · Bonus

Willie, Soulja Boy, and Fizz Catch Up

Willie talks to Soulja Boy and Fizz about the situation with his ex while Soulja Boy talks about the possibility of marriage.

08/29/2016 · 2:24


Willie, what up?Hey there, bro.

What up, man?

What up with you, fam?

What up, boy?

Aah...How are you, man?

What's up with y'all, man?Y'all good?

Hey, man, you already know, man,working, man.

What's up with you, man?Oh...

Did you pull upon that situation

we was talking aboutat the basketball court?

Nah, man, actually I didn't.

I was in the studiodoing my thing,

and she popped up on me.

Oh...Crazy, man.

This chick, man, from back in2004 I used to talk to, right?

Uh, randomly, we getinto some texting

around last year.

Flirtatious, freaky (bleep).

Me and my wife was ina rocky space, and...

I bit.

But from that,this shorty comes

from Chicago to L.A.,

she popped up on my wife

in the studiowhile she working.

She felt likemy wife needed to know

about these text messages.

What...?Right, so...

Kinda put me in a huge jam,because she added lies.

She said we had sex,she had said that

she was pregnant by me.

Whoa...Mm...Crazy part about it,

if I knew I was textingthis big (bleep)...

(laughter)there would be no texting.

It damn near islike "Catfish."


So ain't, ain't nothing happenwith you and the chick though?

Nothing happened, bro.

You didn't smash her?I did not smash this girl.

You didn't get no (bleep)?Nothing, bro, nothing, bro.

It was justtext messages, period.

What your wifesaying about it?

Shorty comewith all them lies, bro.

That (bleep) has(bleep) the crib up.

But, hey,thinking with your (bleep).(laughter)

Stop thinkingwith your wrong head.

Ain't nobody killed nobody.Hey, man,you can get past it, yeah.

We're homies, though.

We hear it, man.Hey, man,I appreciate it, bro.

I would have pulled up tooto that, to that, you know?

You know what I mean?

So, man, everythingbeen good with y'all?

I mean, I know my (bleep)is a little overwhelming,

But...Still on my rocky boat.

Trying to make it smooth.

Moniece is so,you know...

off the Richter,you just can't...

get a balanceon what it's gonna be.

I'm really considering, like,

just grabbing all my (bleep),getting up out the crib.

Re-orchestrate my, my life.

Nah, though,you know how that go, man.

We just gotta keep everything"copastetic."

Far as, you know,with your wife,

I feel like she understands.

As far as with Moniece,

you know what I'm saying,how you move.

We gotta throwa little lingerie party...

Yeah, yeah, yeah,I'ma get the new spot,

and before I settle down,

we can have usa little kickback.

We need a little kickback,yeah, man.