• Season 5, Ep 17

Is Joseline Pregnant?

On the second day of filming, Joseline meets with a producer to discuss the results of her pregnancy test.

08/01/2016 · 1:43

(Nina)Just when we thought ourdynamic duo was done for good,

we were stunned bya surprising turn of events.

On day two of filmingwith other cast members,

Joseline called producersin a state of panic,

revealingshe may be pregnant.

Are you talkingabout Joseline?

Can you fill me in?

(Nina)Executive ProducerStephanie Gayle

urged her to come to set

in an effort to tryand calm her down.

I'm, like, I saw youyesterday, babe.

I didn't know I waspregnant yesterday.

Okay, wait.First of all,

I thought y'allhad been chilling.

We had sex about...

I gotta be, like, at leasttwo-and-a-half months,

'cause, yeah, I didn't evenknow I was that far along.


Have you beenmissing your period?

I haven't had a periodin three months,

but I thoughtI was stressed.Joseline.

Are you--?I thoughtI was stressed out

because of everythingthat's been going on

with me and Stevie,so I didn't really think

that I was...You know what I mean?

And it happened that onetime we had sex in L.A.

I mean, other than that,we haven't touched each other.

Okay. Sometimesyou're wrong, babe.

The first thing is,you need to

just try againand make sure.

Let's just try it.

Let's justmake sure, okay?

Another time.Here we go again.

I'm like, yeah, like,this is déjà vu right now.


Oh, my God, Jos.What?