• Season 3, Ep 5

Lyrica and Her Mom Have An Emotional Heart-To-Heart Conversation

After her performance, Lyrica's mom, Lyrica G, opens up about why she is so protective of her daughter.

09/12/2016 · 4:28

Y'all ready to have a good time?


Oh, yeah.



(Lyrica)Any time my mom is performing,

I'm always gonna be thereto support her.

Even after all the dramafrom the other night.

♪ Oh, I cansay babe ♪

♪ For a summertime love ♪

♪ Why don't somebody comeand see about me, baby? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ho ho ho ♪

That was so-- whoo!

♪ Summertime,summertime, now ♪



I'm still super bummedthat my mom and Pam

got into it that night.

I know for sureI wanna marry A1.

But at this point,

I don't know how we're evergonna get married

if our parents can't evenmake it through one dinner!

You were amazing.

Good to see you.

Good to see you, too.So glad you're here.

You killed itup there.


I loved it.Where's A1?

He didn't wanna comeafter the last incident.

It was just too muchfor him.

Okay, so, what is this?

Oh, this is my ring,my new ring.

So, when you guys arguedand you guys left,

A1 got me a new ring.

It's beautiful.

Thank you.Um...

So you guys aremoving forward then?

Yeah, definitely.

And this the thing,

how are we gonnahave a wedding?

How are wegonna have a weddingwith you there and...

Uh, we're gonna plan it.That's how we're gonna have it.


What do you mean, no,we're not gonna plan it?

No, what I said was, no...

I don't wantto have a wedding

and it be the sametype of problems.

Oh, no-no-no-no-no.

Like somethingsmart being said.

That's not gonna happen,trust me.

I am apologizingto you now.

And I will apologize to A1.

I'm not quite sureI wanna apologize to her.

Yeah, you should.

I don't feel thatI owe her an apology.

You should, Mom, 'cause nowit's starting to interfere

with our relationship,and that's not fair.

At the end of the day,we are a family, and we--

You and I?

No, me, you, A1,and Pam are a family.

Okay, Lyrica,that's your family.

Your family, too.

I just met that woman, and allI've gotten from her is drama.

So, she'snot my family.

But you gotta understand,my passion in this, Lyrica,

to me, is you and I--you're my family.

(Lyrica Garrett)I'm not ready to let Paminto my family.

I probably will never be.

For a long time, it's justbeen me and my daughter.

Lyrica's twin sister died

one day beforethey turned three.

And their father's been outof their lives since that point.

So, the idea of Lyricabeing someone's wife,

it just makes me feel likeI'm losing my daughter.

To me,you are my life.

After Adia died and Johnnydidn't show up at the funeral,

I vowed to protect you,

to love you,and guide you forever.

I don't even knowhow much of what happenedin the past you remember.

Yeah, I don't reallyremember the funeral,

but I remember my dadnot being around.

Yeah.I remember being, like,

"Where's daddy?Where's my dad?"

I told him, "If you don'tshow up at the funeral,

you are buried today."

And maybe thosewere strong words.

But it hurt me so badly

that he could give mean excuse and not be there.

So, at the end of the day,I've been Mom and Dad for you.

And maybe I don't know how to beMother and Dad for you because

this was melearning on the job.

I want you to be happy.

Your happinessis everything to me.

But I feel like I've beenthrown into a situation

because of your relationshipwith A1 that I've got to put up

with somebody whoI have tried to like,

but I can't like her--I've tried.

My mom is my best friend,and she's definitely earned it

to see me walk down the aisleand give me away.

That's been a dream of hers.

But what am Isupposed to do

if her and A1's momcan't even get along?

She says she is donetrying to get along with Pam.

And you know what?At this point,

I'm donetrying to make them.

Do you feel withall of this dysfunction,

with all of this dissentionevery time

that she and Icome together...Mm-hmm.

...with even the problemsthat you have with her,

you are willing to putall those things aside?

Because when you marry A1,

you're marrying all of hisissues, all of his dysfunction.

You're marrying his family.Mm-hmm.

It's just methat's coming into that.