• Season 5, Ep 12

Domani's Talk Show

Domani shares the first episode of his talk show with the family. T.I. is surprised by the outcome.

07/18/2016 ยท 2:19

(Deyjah) I'm not evenleaving the room!

(TI) What doesDomani want with us?

You just throwa whole Moon Pie away?

That's stale.

It's stale?All right.

(TI) Anybody have any ideawhy we're here?

No, no idea.

(Deyjah)Y'all gonna watch the talk show.

(Niq Niq)We're watchin'the talk show?

I ain't got timeto sit around here.


There comes a time.

Where a young manmust shine.

And due to that, my editinghas come to a wrap.

You can have a look...

At my creation.

(Niq Niq)Am I on this?

Here, hey, guys.

(music plays on tape)

Oh,everybody but me.

(Tiny)Oooh, that look good.

(cheering and applause on tape)

Welcome to my talk show.

I'm your host, Domani, with my co-hosts Messiah and Deyjah.

We're gonna get it on, okay?

Our first segment is the Hot Seat.

My seat is hot, 'cause I'm hot.

(laugh track on tape)

But, this is the Hot Seat.

See that, you seepeople laughing?Heh, heh, I heard that.

Laugh track.Nice touch.

What job would you guys be doing if you weren't rapping/singing?

I would definitely have to own my own business.

'Cause I just like to be a boss.

I guess I'd probably be in business of some sorts,

maybe trading stocks.

Trading socks?

(laugh track)Stocks is what I said.

I heard socks, like you and I trading socks.

Trading stocks.

I heard socks. (Tiny chuckles)

Only way you get a real laughout of people,

but I guess so,man, why not?

What would you guys do if you came home and you found

your children throwing a party without your knowledge?

I'm gon' kick they damn ass up and down the driveway.

(laugh track)

From the gate to the lake. Bing-bow, bing-bow, bing-bow.

Up and down, up and down.

I don't take people serious when they swing they legs.

(laugh track)


(laugh track continues)


You know what,this is kind of funny.

I don't know if it's the laughtrack, but you know,

I wasso thoroughly entertained

that I forgot that this wassomething that Domani made.

I mean, I was actually justenjoying the show.

Are there any songs that you have put out to the public

that you wish you didn't put out to the public?

There was one I did called "Green Faces".

("Ohhh" on tape)

And I just wish I would have never-- Ohhh, that wasn't me.