The Mangeant

Season 1 Ep 21/15/2007

Chamo, NY's Assistant, calls the 15 guys to the backyard for a meeting. New York addresses them from her balcony -- they will be competing in a male beauty pageant, a mangeant, and the winners will get dates with her. With the help of 3 beauty queens, the guys get waxed and plucked and learn how to walk like real men... in speedos. The guys shake their asses at the mangeant while New York, her mom and Chamo judge. The next day, the winner and the 2 runners up take NY on a date to the Santa Monica Pier while the losers stay home and barbeque. But when NY gets back from her date, two of the guys get in a fight when one accuses the other of having a girlfriend. New York doesn't know who to believe but she makes her decision and eliminates 3 more guys.