Do You Have Love For New York?

Season 1 Ep 11/7/2007

After getting her heart broken not once but twice, New York summons 20 single men to her mansion with the hope of finding true love. The guys think its one big party until New York's mom busts in through the front door -- Sister Patterson's in the house and she's ready to open a can of whoop ass on any man that's not good enough for her daughter. After the guys present New York with their nicknames, it's time for a cocktail mixer in the backyard. While New York spends some quality time with all 20 guys, her mom grills them to determine their worthiness. Sister Patterson gets in a shouting match with a guy that New York is really feelin' and screams at him that he is going to be eliminated. She gives New York an ultimatum - either he leaves the house or she will. At the elimination, New York sends 5 guys home -- but will she listen to her mom?