Stevie J. Is Really Just A Softie

Watching Stevie J. with his daughter Eva might just break your heart.

We know Stevie J. best for his dark side. He’s the guy that cheated on Mimi with Joseline, he’s brawled with his bestie Benzino, and he’s had his share of legal troubles. Yet there’s a loyalty to Mimi that can’t be denied, and the two are on good terms lately, and they are both completely in love with their 5-year-old daughter Eva. Eva, who looks so much like Stevie it’s scary, is the apple of his eye and watching him explain to her that he has to go away to rehab was one of the more emotional moments we’ve ever gotten out of Stevie.

Sure, he’s still Sleazo deep down, but he’s also a softie, and this moment proves it.