Swipe Right for Lizzie McGuire! Hilary Duff Is Now on Tinder

Swipe, girl, swipe.

Recently, someone on Reddit found someone very swipe-right-worthy on Tinder: Hilary Duff. In a post titled “I found Lizzy McGuire” this Redditor posted his discovery:

This being the internet, naturally, we assumed this to be a fake. In a post-Catfish world, we trust nothing. But, in news that will no doubt bring smiles to the faces and lower-parts of Tinderers everywhere, that profile does in fact belong to Hilary Duff.

In an interview with Valentine in the Morning on LA’s 104.3 (via TMZ), she admitted that the profile is hers and she is on there to get herself some strange. She’s looking for looks and humor — shirtless douchebags need not apply. She’s excited to get a chance to date “a total normie.” Because dating the more famous gentlemen haven’t exactly worked out for her. And she found herself a nice normie and they’re going on their first date tonight — well, it’s more of a bowling group hang, actually, but it counts.

Somewhere Aaron Carter is furiously swiping in hopes of reuniting with his teen love.

Update: Apparently Duff is on Tinder and filming all her dates for a new reality show! According to TMZ she’s bringing cameras along to all of her dates–not to mention her Lizzie McGuire castmates–and hopes to turn the footage into a show about her newly single life.

Watch Hilary give advice to her young self.