Hilary Duff Went Bowling With Her Lizzie McGuire Castmates and Now the World is Perfect

This is what dreams are made of.

This is not a drill. Hilary Duff took a break from trolling randoms on Tinder to do perhaps the most magical thing in the history of things: Reunite with her Lizzie McGuire castmates. Is 2001 you crying yet?

Well, you will be after seeing the adorable photo Jake Thomas (Matt McGuire) tweeted last night:

You’re not hallucinating. It appears Duff, Thomas, and Lalaine (Miranda Sanchez) got together Monday night for a little bowling fun. (Such a seventh grade-approved activity. Principal Tweedy would be so proud.)

Look at how they’re all hugging each other! It’s too perfect words. We only have one gripe: Why didn’t other castmates join them? Where’s Ethan Craft? Kate Sanders? Better yet, WHERE THE HELL IS GORDO? (Adam Lamberg, you have some explaining to do.)

We’ll take what we can get. Here’s hoping a Lizzie McGuire reunion special is next. We can dream, right?

What does Duff wish she could tell her younger self? Not to care so much.