“Honey I’m White; It Will Get Done”: The Most Notable Quotables From Love And Hip Hop Episode 5

There were quotes for days in tonight’s episode. From the jaw dropping quips to the laugh-out-loud funny snapbacks we’re highlighting the best quotes from the cast of Love and Hip Hop. If we forgot any be sure to drop your favorites in the comment section!

Jokingly, Rich blames Yandy for the whole mess between him, Olivia and Erica. After all she’s the one who suggested he work with Erica. He needs Yandy to fix polish Erica’s very rough around the edges image.

“She’s insane. What’s wrong with you?” – Yandy
“Erica right now is such a loyal person. It’s hard for me to not fight for her the way I hear she fights for me.” – Rich
“I need you to help me, help her reel it in.”- Rich
“I’d rather go play in traffic than to help Erica Mena again. She’s a loose cannon.” – Yandy
“She wouldn’t even get the time of day if you wasn’t in the picture; and I hope she’s clear with that.” – Yandy

Tahiry kept her word and cooked Joe his steak dinner as a reward for the drug test being negative. Tahiry tells Joe while he’s on tour she’s going to work on her own music. He teases her, but secretly can’t wait to hear it. Oh, and he thinks Tahiry has a romantic night planned for him. He’s so full of himself.

“I walked out of your house and it took me about five minutes to really, really be like, ’Oh my God. He’s clean and he wasn’t lying to me.'” – Tahiry
“I know you’re going on tour. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to never get another cup.” – Tahiry
“Listen, bring on the cup.” – Joe
“Nowadays everybody and their mother thinks they can get in the booth and put out a hit.” – Joe
“I know, I know. You had a whole big layout set up in your bedroom…I can’t stay.” – Joe
“Oh my God, the agony.” – Tahiry

Raqi and Jen meet with Hot 97’s Program Director, Ebro, to pitch their online radio show. Ebony and Ivory, Salt and Pepper, something like that. Two women in hip-hop giving the real. Ebro’s not looking for any radio hosts or new programming. He’s tough on the ladies about not being “industry p—-y.”

“I’m mildly genius and she is…” – Raqi
“…I’m bubbly.” – Jen
“You want this to be on the radio? I’m not currently looking for anybody right now.” – Ebro
“You didn’t know you were looking for somebody until you see what we have.” – Raqi
“I have my White Girl Tip of the Week.” – Jen
“She will white my wrong.” – Raqi
“Y’all can’t be f—–g. When you trying to get interviews and you trying to get credibility and you trying to get respect and n—–s know they can f—, you not gonna get none of that done.” – Ebro
“I’m very serious about it. Don’t be no flirty bimbo a– broads on the radio.” – Ebro

Yandy keeps her promise to Rich and meets up with Erica to talk about her poor behavior. Erica opens up with Yandy about an abusive relationship being the cause of her being a firecracker all the time. Erica claims she’s working on getting her act together, but we’ll see if there’s any action behind the tears.

“What it comes from, I was literally sleeping with my biggest enemy.” – Erica
“This story, you can’t be ashamed of it.” – Yandy
“You think people aren’t feeling sorry or judging you when they see you act a damn fool?” – Yandy
“Erica has to realize people don’t want to work with a lunatic.” – Yandy

Tahiry couldn’t have thought her girls Rashidah and Winter were going to cut her some slack when she told them she cooked for Joe. They didn’t. For the life of them they can’t understand why Joe’s drug problem should be her problem. He has a girlfriend at home. Not only is Rashidah supporting Joe with his addiction she gave him her song that is about him—the guy who will always be in your life—hoping he’ll get on the track. Her girls love her, but they’re so over the Tahiry and Joe chronicles.

“You his probation officer?” – Rashidah
“You guys are still in love with each other. Yeah, so go ahead.” – Winter
“Where was the girlfriend?” – Winter
“Is that any of my concern?” – Tahiry
“Why not get something out of it? He owes me. He’s been owed me.” – Tahiry
“This one’s on me.” – Rashidah
“Good, ’cause I ain’t got no job.” – Winter

During Yandy, Mendeecees and baby Omere’s family photo shoot Yandy’s mom shows up and spills the tea that Yandy has been looking at places in Jersey with her mom. Mendeecees is upset because he thinks it’s ridiculous that Yandy has to follow her mom. And going behind his back about doesn’t sit well with him either. As far as Yandy is concerned they aren’t married so she makes decisions best for her.

“Let me get in. You need some sexy in that picture.” – Yandy
“I was surprised when Yandy mom walked in. I should’ve got the memo. F— it. I would’ve called my mom. I have a mom too.” – Mendeecees
“Why you acting stupid? What the f— you mean you ain’t know?” – Mendeecees
“I know I ain’t f—-g moving to Jersey so you figure that s— out.” – Mendeecees
“See you at home.” – Yandy
“I might not be coming there tonight.” – Mendeecees
“No you coming. You ain’t stupid.”- Yandy

Erica and Rich can’t escape talking about business, not even on her birthday. For once Erica apologizes for her actions then it’s down to business. Rich wants Erica’s first single to be a party single, but Erica loves a ballad he’d sent her. If she doesn’t nail it Rich will never give her a say so in her career again.

“You’re big to come in and apologize on your birthday. I appreciate that.” – Rich
“Your cleavage is showing.” – Rich
“It’s always showing. Duh.” – Erica
“The ballad? Come on man you gon’ have me out here looking so crazy in these streets yo.” – Rich
“It better be f—ing amazing.” – Rich

Yandy feels bad about hurting Mendeecees’ feelings. It’s time for damage control so she has coffee with her girl Kimbella. Kimbella is on Mendeecees side. What grown man wants to live with his woman’s mama? Come on, Yandy! Kimbella advises her to spice it up in the bedroom for his upcoming birthday.

“You got time to get your nails done?” – Yandy
“Yeah. You gotta keep it right.” – Kimbella
“Mendeecees lost his mind like, ’I’m not coming home and you go live with yo’ mama.'” – Yandy
“Mendeecees don’t want to be in the house with you and yo’ mama. He don’t want to do that.” – Kimbella
“You just had a baby. It’s time to turn it up again. You have to do that. It’s your responsibility.” – Kimbella
“This ol’ thang I got?” – Yandy
“You don’t got to make it classy.” – Kimbella

It’s audition day for Jen and Raqi. Rapper Vado comes through to sit in the ladies’ hot seat, and Raqi completely disregards everything Ebro said about not flirting. Jen’s uncomfortable and tries to break up the flirtation with her White Girl Tip of the Day. Umm, Jen, 145 pounds depending on height is not overweight. Curves are in for the black and Latino community, FYI. And that’s my black girl tip of the day.

“This is where we’re going to serve all the tea piping hot.” – Raqi
“Wait, I know those songs. I just didn’t know it was you.” – Jen
“You looking to bang or you looking to wife somebody?” – Raqi
“Let me get into my White Girl Tip. I feel like this, if you’re over 145 you’re no longer f—-g thick. You’re one f—-g hamburger away from being a fat girl.” – Jen
“Rich, long, thick, strong, stamina.” – Raqi
“This is like an invitation to a date. Get the f— out of here.” – Jen

Yandy didn’t bust out laughing at Erica’s singing so that’s a good sign. She didn’t say Erica could sing, though. Yandy makes sure to reiterate to Erica that her vocals have to be on point and she’ll have to sing this song live.

“I thought I was coming to die laugh.” – Yandy
“I think we might have something.” – Rich
“She sounded good. She actually sounded f—- good.” – Rich
“You actually want to perform this live?” – Yandy

Time for Tahiry to let Joe hear the song she recorded about him called “Devil.” He actually likes it and wants to hop on a remix. He invites her on tour and we have to ask, where’s his girlfriend?

“Let me hear it. I’m done hearing what it’s inspired by.” – Joe
“It sounds much better than I imagined.” – Joe
“Remix!” – Joe

Yandy took Kimbella’s advice. For Mendeecees birthday she planned a special dinner at the first hotel where they spent the night together. He doesn’t remember it because, well, he didn’t get any. Upstairs is his actual gift. Let’s just say Mendeecees was all too excited to see the homemade video Yandy put together.

“If I move to Jersey it ain’t gon’ be no two family house. And it ain’t gon’ be no walking distance to your mother.” – Mendeecees
“Where my gift at?” – Mendeecees
“You know why I don’t remember? I didn’t get any that night.” – Mendeecees
“In a parking lot? No it’s not in a parking lot.” – Yandy
“You got a lot of free time on your hands to do all this.” –Mendeecees

Jen’s not feeling Raqi’s radio hosting style. She felt invisible as if it was the Raqi show. That conversation doesn’t go over too smooth. Raqi resorts to telling Jen she’s rusty because she hasn’t been on the radio in a while. Jen calls her out for flirting. They yell, scream, make a scene. At the end of the day Jen wants everyone to know: She’ll get on anyway because she’s white. Girl, have a seat. No shade.

“I have to be honest. I’m f—ing pissed.” – Jen
“I’ve been working on this project without you.” – Raqi
“When was the last time that you did radio that you could say I’m cold? I’m Jen the f—- Pen.” – Jen
“I was going to let you ride my coattail as a co-host.” – Raqi
“Raqi can I be honest with you. When I Googled you all I saw was your little interview with Joe Budden.” – Jen
“You’re cold!” – Raqi
“Call me a bitch and I will tear your a— out the frame.” – Raqi
“You might as well have started to straddle him right then and there.” – Jen
“B—h it’s not easy for me. I don’t get knocked up by wack a— rappers.” – Raqi
“That’s why none of the other b—es are f— with you because you’ll f— their men.” – Jen
“Have fun trying to get hot.” – Raqi
“Honey I’m white. It will get done.” – Jen