See The Sexy Pics From Dutchess And Sassy’s Urban Ink Photo Shoot In Vegas

What happens when Alex bails on a Black Ink Crew trip to Vegas? Well for one thing, Sassy replaces her in a super-sexy Urban Ink photo shoot, and looks damn good holding her own as a model. On tonight’s episode, when Alex is a no-show in Sin City, Dutchess and Sassy both get a chance to show off their goods on the Strip, and the results are…more revealing than we’ve seen thus far. Check out pictures of the girls, covered more by their own ink than by any item of clothing, as they show off their modeling skills.

  • bic_urbank-ink1-1360507864

  • dutchess2-1360507861

  • dutchess3-1360507860

  • dutchess4-1360507859

  • dutchess5-1360507858

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[Photos: Facebook/Urban Ink]