VH1 Blog Exclusive: Karen Gravano Recaps Mob Wives Episode 5: Putting Our Differences Aside

This season, the VH1 Blog is lucky enough to have the participation of the Mob Wives cast who will be commenting on every episode of the show. This week, we have a New York Times bestselling author doing the honors. Karen Gravano has graciously written about her take on episode five, including her excitement at the fact that there was a major peace talk between Ramona and Drita, and what it’s like to go shopping with Big Ang, who is apparently a terrible influence on her friends.

I want to start off by saying this was probably one of my favorite episodes for many different reasons. First off, let’s start with the opening of this episode, shopping with Big Ang and Ramona, two people I love to shop with. Ramona will be brutally honest and tell you what looks good and what don’t. Warning: If you are a person that don’t want to hear the truth, I suggest you don’t shop with Ramona — especially if something doesn’t look good, she has a way of telling you that might make you want to jump off a bridge.

But I love her honesty even if what she says can be a little harsh at times, to say the least…Love you, Ramona. Ang: Everything is bigger when it comes to Ang, especially the shopping bags, she wants to buy everything!!!! She probably talked me into six different things that I would not have thought of buying. My financial adviser might advise me not to shop with Ang again, but I had fun and I loved my purchases…Thanks, Ang.

Okay, so my bank account was not the only one in shock with this shopping spree, I was very surprised when Ramona revealed that she was going to call Drita, because up until that point Ramona had no use for Drita, she felt that if she never had to see or hear her name again she would be a much happier person. But we all know Ramona’s weakness is her kids, so when Melina said she wanted Drita’s daughter Aleeya at her birthday party Ramona was willing to put all her differences aside for the sake of the kids.

I would love to know what was going though Drita’s head when she answered the phone and heard Ramona’s voice on the other end. I am sure it was not a happy thought at the first sound of her voice, but the good thing is Drita was open minded and agreed to meet Ramona…which brings me to their meeting. I am proud of both the girls, they both spoke very calmly they both made sense and they both acted like mature women, which we all know can be difficult for each and everyone of us at times. I was happy with the out come of their “sit down” and it was great to see all the kids having fun at Ramona’s daughters party and I love that Love is the voice of reason and said we all need to take a lesson from our kids. I have to admit that Love was right in this situation, it seemed the kids were the mature ones and helped the adults put their differences aside.

It has been a rough year for Ramona and her kids so I am glad she decided to do something special and think we all needed it, and now I know next time I want a great party, I am going to have Ramona throw it for me ’cause she really did at great job. I can say with a big smile on my face that I am proud to announce the Karen, Drita, Ramona saga is finally over now. It’s time for each one of us to focus on what really matters and that’s the situations we all have going on in our personal lives. Which leads me to my next venture: my studio. I was lucky to have this situation fall into my lap. My good friend, Storm, presented me with the opportunity to invest in a studio in Manhattan. I love any possibility of making money and this studio has become a great investment, and it also serves as a place I can bring my daughter and nieces to hang out, bond, and do what they all love to do, and that is sing.

Something that really touched me was seeing Renee in rehab. I know everything she has been through in the past couple of years, so seeing her getting help is something I am very happy about. Renee is someone I care deeply about and I understand how she has been affected by others actions or words so this trip to rehab proves to me that Renee is ready to take control of her life. I am very proud of her for doing that for her and her son.

One of my favorite scenes in this episode is when the fight breaks out at the Drunken Monkey and Neil comes to save the day. I really like Neil, and when Ang says “Neil is getting tough,” I was cracking up. I love how Ang can make any sitution funny. Hopefully they can work it out and Neil moves back home.

I do want to comment on Carla and Joe getting a divorce. No matter what my feelings are for Carla, I do feel for her in this situation because one thing I do know is that she loves her kids and I know that she will protect them in any way she can. We all know divorce can sometimes be difficult, especially for the kids, so I just hope that everything goes smoothly for her and Joe and they are able to remain amicable for the sake of their kids.

My proudest moment was seeing my daughter and the girls in the studio with the vocal coach. At first it made me a little nervous my protective mother instincts were about to come out and tell Boris to back up buddy but I let him handle the girls and I am very proud to say they acted like champs. They listened to everything he had to say and I am very proud of the out come of the song it turned out great. The Girlz is the name of the group, because that’s what I have been referring to them as and it just stuck. So I am sure this is not the last you will see of The Girlz.

The ending of this episode was extremely touching, especially to anyone that was in New York City when Hurricane Sandy hit. I can say that when I was first told I should evacuate, I did not take it seriously, but I left anyway and went to stay with a friend in midtown Manhattan. When I was watching everything later that evening on the news, I was beside myself. I could not believe that something of this magnitude could happen to a city like New York. I watched the news in disbelief and it made me feel helpless when they were saying how hard Staten Island was getting hit. I was concerned for all the girls, my family, and pretty much anyone in the New York area. I still cannot believe the toll that Sandy has taken on our city especially the next day when I was able to go back to Staten Island and see firsthand all the damage and all the lives ripped apart. It was heartbreaking to watch people try to salvage anything they can from their homes and businesses and pretty much there were so many people left with just about nothing.

But the one good thing I seen through all this is the way people pull together in a time of need and I can say New Yorkers saved New York, so many people came out to help one another it made me proud to be home in the city I grew up, New York. We still have a ways to go, but I still see everyday people getting their lives back and people helping.

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