Love And Hip Hop – Episode 6 – Check Ya Self Or Get Checked

Before we get to Tahiry’s “h* sit down” moment we have to recap the other drama of tonight’s episode.

Erica wants to strike while the iron is hot. With her new single recorded she wants Rich to have the plans ready to shoot the video. “Yo, you’re demanding. Demanding in what you want, how you want it, when you want it,” Rich said. First thing’s first is a contract needs to be signed. Up until now they’ve been operating on the trust. “That would be officially giving you the keys to the car you’re driving,” she responded. Getting Erica to sign a contract won’t be easy.

Joe’s girlfriend Kaylin takes a listen to Tahiry’s “Devil” but is not feeling the song’s content. “I don’t understand that. If you gotta get detoxed from her life, why is she trying to be in it?” Kaylin doesn’t want Joe jumping on the track because she doesn’t feel Tahiry deserves it. She claims Tahiry isn’t keeping it real in real life. “That’s where I draw the line. You’re not doing a song with her,” Kaylin said. Joe confesses that he invited her to one of his shows. Kaylin naturally feels that should’ve been run by her first.

Yandy is this season’s advice giver. Raqi needed to vent about her blowout with Jen. Yandy’s not sure where the confusion is coming from if Jen knew she was coming on as a co-host. “Even if you didn’t get the memo you didn’t do s—,” Raqi says about Jen. Raqi brags about telling Jen that Consequence wanted to have sex with her. “I wanted her to choke on that ether. I served it.” Yandy is in shock when Raqi tells her that Jen pulled the white privilege card, but she still suggests Raqi apologize for bringing up Cons.

Jen retells her side of the story to Consequence reiterating that she’s been “co-signed out here.” Jen admits that she wanted to hit below the belt with her “taking my white a— to get a job” comment. “Well, here you go Raqi, now take that, b—h.” Consequence takes his girl’s side as expected. “With a b—h like her, she’s gonna take whatever you say — obviously — and run with it.” “She’s a mother—,” Cons said. “She’s a motherf—-,” Jen repeats. Cons went in the studio to prove he has his girl’s back by making a diss song about Raqi. Jen’s loving every second of it.

Yandy’s cousin Maurice is committed to getting her back to her pre-pregnancy weight. The before and after pictures are to prove his training methods work. But where those pictures end up may cause problems for him.

Mendeecees heads to the gym to confront her about the pictures of her working out on Instagram. “I shouldn’t be looking on Instagram seeing your a—.” “You came over here, you didn’t even greet me, you didn’t give me a hug, a kiss, say ’hey babe,’ you popped up at the gym and you asking me about pictures?” “You can see cameltoe. You can see everything.” “Are you serious right now?” Oh, he’s dead serious. He wants the pictures down or there will be consequences. “All you missing is the pole,” he says. Yandy doesn’t understand the problem. He’s her cousin, she has a deal to help promote his business by letting him take before and after pics and that’s all there is to it. “You not gonna come to me about a cousin of mine.” Mendeecees isn’t letting it go. Yandy warns, “Mendeecees, you disrespect my family, it’s gon’ be a problem for me.”

Rich needs the loot fronted for Erica’s video. How much cheese? 15-20 stacks. His frat brother may be able to help, but he wants to be clear on the type of artist Erica is. “She’s a video girl?” he asks sarcastically. “Problem is: The partnership’s not here. We are the biggest, she is the smallest,” Keenan said. Ouch. Rich had to have been prepared for that type of respond. Gambling on an unknown artist is exactly that—a gamble.

As soon as Cons sees Raqi in the studio he lights into her about the disrespect she showed Jen. Raqi came to apologize, but Consequence isn’t trying to hear it. “You sleeping with the enemy,” she said. “I’m not sleeping with no enemy, I’m sleeping with my woman.” Raqi starts screaming about how she’s raising a black man so Jen’s comment was inappropriate. Cons reminds her he’s also raising a black man. “If two girls are having a catfight of course they gon’ pull out weapons,” he says in Jen’s defense. Cons tells her she’s desperate for attention. “This pen don’t stop, B,” he said. “Keep them enemies out the bed, B,” Raqi said. He resorts to calling her a “b*tch” as she walks out. Men should stay out of women’s quarrels.

Joe’s talking to Kaylin backstage at his show when Tahiry walks in. Joe beats around the bush to tell Tahiry he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to jump on a song with her. Tahiry thinks it’s bull that all of a sudden he can’t be there for her. “Right now you can’t get on the track because you’re trying to be considerate to who, to what feelings?” Kaylin interjects to let know Tahiry she has a say so. “You do?” Tahiry asks sarcastically. Kaylin stays calm and tries to explain to her that she thinks it’s a privilege to be on a song with Joe. Tahiry jumps up, “Sweetie it’s not about you at all because all you are is someone on the side who does whatever he says, so you really need to check yourself.” Tahiry hits Kaylin below the belt, “If you were handling your business he wouldn’t have to call me all the time,” Tahiry said. “I don’t call you,” Joe retorted. When Kaylin takes a jab at Tahiry’s career, Tahiry pops Kaylin in the head. “You look stupid,” Joe tells Tahiry. “Don’t call me…I’ll make your world go ’round rapper,” she yells. Joe tries to calm Kaylin down with his philosophies. Where was he when Kaylin was getting hit upside the head?

Erica gave Rich a couple weeks to make a video and she’s not happy that there’s no video. When Rich tries to explain to her that there’s a process she snaps. “All you had to do is pick up the phone and tell me what’s going on.” Rich let’s her know that she’s recorded a song for free, but he’s not paying for a video. “You know what, I’ll see you later. Cheap mother—-,” she says. So much for her working on changing that attitude.

Mendeecees takes things in his own hands and checks Maurice about Instagram pictures. Social media always getting people in trouble. “Maurice, you can’t just be putting pictures on Instagram without people knowing.” Maurice doesn’t understand the problem. And if he wants the pictures taken down so bad Maurice wants Yandy to tell him herself. Maurice starts working out in the middle of their conversation, which infuriates Mendeecees. He chokes Maurice out and we’ll have to wait to see how Yandy feels about her man beating up her cousin.