“Expect Hot Guys, Lots Of Sex, Crazy Fashion And A Great Show”: Denise Vasi And LisaRaye Talk Single Ladies Season Three

One of our favorite times of year is Single Ladies time. Season three won’t be on for a while, but recently, two of the show’s stars, Denise Vasi and LisaRaye McCoy, spoke to Sister To Sister about gearing up for filming and what we can expect when it does return. “Expect hot guys, lots of sex, crazy fashion and a great show about friendship,” Vasi said.

Well, that sounds promising in itself, but McCoy elaborated even further when she spoke about the show, which has undergone some recent changes due to the departure of creator Stacy A. Littlejohn. “We have a new showrunner. We have a new staff of writers. I’m excited to see what they’re going to do with this new voice,” she said. “When you have writers it’s all about how you’re breathing life into that character. My job is to breathe life into the words and do what they hired me to do, which is the acting. So, I’ll stick to staying in my lane.” ??If staying in her lane means more drama and romance between Malcolm and Keisha, sign us up, we’re ready!

[Photo: Getty Images]