Her Fiance May Be In Jail, But Ramona Rizzo Is In Full Wedding Planning Mode

This week on Mob Wives, Ramona Rizzo revealed something that not even her closest friends were aware of: she and her boyfriend, Joe, are actually engaged. Though Joe is still in jail and will be indefinitely as he awaits his trial, Ramona revealed to the New York Post that she still has plans for a huge wedding, whether he’s physically there or not.

“It’s not the normal love story because he’s incarcerated. But if you’re in love, you can make it work,” she said. And it won’t be a normal wedding either, because even though Ramona is planning to invite 500 guests and hold the bash at Long Island’s Coral House, she’s pretty sure Joe isn’t going to be there to participate. “He didn’t want to begrudge me a wedding. He said, ’Even if I can’t be there, have a party. I’ll be there in spirit.'” Hopefully Joe can accumulate his phone time, because Ramona says the plan to to pass a phone around to all the guests so he can speak to them and at least sort of participate in the day’s events.” You know, if Ramona were to pitch this idea and actually make a reality wedding special out of the event, we have to say it’s one of the most unique concepts for a wedding we’ve ever heard of, and one we’d love to see. And as far as the actual marriage? Ramona’s take on that is pretty great, too “Maybe the key to a happy marriage is not having a husband in your face all the time.”