VH1 Blog Exclusive: Drita Reveals Her Favorite Moments From Mob Wives Episode 6

This season, the VH1 Blog is lucky enough to have the participation of the Mob Wives cast who will be commenting on every episode of the show. This week, Drita D’Avanzo writes to us with an exclusive recap of her favorite moments, quotes, and memories from Hurricane Sandy and this week’s show.

Real in Reality!

This past episode was very difficult to watch but at the same time was one of my favorite episodes. To re-live what all of us have witnessed and have been through with Sandy’s aftermath made it a very emotional episode. I remember watching the news and crying because of what Sandy has done to so many families. It was so heartbreaking. I felt the same watching last night’s episode of Mob Wives. I do feel VH1 takes the word real in reality TV and takes it to a whole other level. From breakups to makeups, divorce, single parenting, betrayal, friendships, laughter, sadness, and devastating events. Watching episodes of Mob Wives makes me laugh and cry.

This past episode just so happen to make me cry, BUT at the same time I was able to see all the Mob Wives lay down their guns and no matter what was going on between any of us, everyone lend out a helping hand. Everyone came together and did everything possible to help someone they know or didn’t know. Which I found to be inspirational.

My Most Touching Scene Of The Week

The most touching scene of this week’s episode was seeing Renee finishing her days in rehab. Renee was unable to be here to help her neighbors (which she would have she could) because she was in Florida helping herself overcome a difficult task. I thought the scene when Renee was leaving rehab and everyone was saying their goodbyes was incredibly touching. While we were here in Staten Island helping out people we didn’t know go through a difficult time, Renee was in Florida doing the same. I loved that! I was proud to see Renee finish Rehab and bond with AJ. I love AJ. He is amazing,smart and headstrong. I think Renee did an awesome job as a mom and should be proud of that. Renee and AJ bonding and AJ being so supportive was just priceless.

Funniest Scene Of The Week

When Love and I where sitting in the restaurant talking about her Jigg’n her man because she was in a bad mood. Made me laugh. Probably because that’s really not supposed to be funny and it’s just NOT normal…it was funny. When I go to lunch with my friend who is a school teacher, I can assure you the words, bats, broken head, stabbed, shot, and dead is not part of the brunch lololol. This scene kind of reminded me of a funny scene that Joe Pesci would be part of in Goodfellas. And that’s not saying much for Love’s and my convos but if you didn’t find it funny or insane then you probably shouldn’t watch a show with the word MOB in the title.

As for my girl Big Ang…I just have to give her a shout out for taking the time out to cook delicious hot food for everyone at the church.!! Everything about her is big including her heart!
It was nice to see Ramona and Karen be there and give support to their friend!

Favorite Line Of The Week

It’s a toss up!! Big Ang’s facial expression when I told her Lee was in my house. She said “Lee’s home?” and when Gizelle had her little bag with stuffed animals and she was screaming “Wait for me!” when we were dropping off donations.

P.S I’m going to have to give the favorite line award to Gizelle because we’re related. Sorry Ang…lol.