Love And Hip Hop – Episode 7 – When Tellin’ It All Goes Wrong

Mendeecees came to his [Maurice’s] place of business and put hands and feets on him,” said Yandy in her confessional. Yandy, girl, feets? Beside her adding an additional plural to feet, it’s true. Her man did choke her cousin for an Instagram picture.”He got up and flexed his little muscles,” Mendeecees said. “You don’t touch my cousin,” Yandy said. “You do not respect my family.” Mendeecees doesn’t care who it is. The pictures were a problem for him so he handled it the way he saw necessary. Yandy’s point is that if Mendeecees wants to be part of her family then he has to fix the situation. “I told him to take it down after he told me about the fight,” she said. Good luck to Yandy with getting Mendeecees to play nice with her cousin.

Lore’l and Winter are out celebrating Lore’l’s record “This Is How We Do It” while also scoping out men. Winter wants Lore’l to find a rich boo as soon as possible and her advice: start asking for things immediately. Winter’s done writing her tell-all book about the music industry. “You don’t feel like none of these people are going to get mad?” Lore’l asked. “You are friends with these people.” Lore’l is in for a real surprise when she finds out she is one of “these people.”

Rich’s business partner is not here for Erica Mena as a singer. He wants Rich to cut ties with her so they can get back to making hit records. Mixing business and pleasure, he reminds him, was a mistake. Now that Erica won’t sign a contract Rich is reconsidering working with her. “Wrap that up musically, and wrap that up with the relationship,” said Pete. “You looking crazy out here.” Cheers to the real friends like Pete who tell the truth instead of what you want to hear.

Cons recants the Raqi drama for Jen revealing his new nickname for his enemy–DJ Perjury. “She gon’ sit there and try to paint it like you racist,” Con tells her. They’re both animated now. If Raqi is such a non-factor she certainly gets them both riled up. “She just talking, she just want attention, she just desperate,” Consequence said. “Remember this is all over no bread. Nobody even got no check,” Consequence said. Jen plays the victim as if she has no idea why there’s a beef now. Whatever, girl. “Thanks for yelling at her for me,” Jen said. The fact that she wants her man involved in messy drama between women is quite telling.

No one is team Erica, including Rich’s mom. “Are you in love?” his mom asks. “I wouldn’t say that.” Mom dukes is not having the nonsense and she speaks her mind. “This girl is dangerous, Richard. She doesn’t need a manager; she needs a psychiatrist.” Rich goes blank as if he knows his mom has a point. “She is so damaged that she is going to cause problems for you.” His mom tells him to start thinking with his head and get his emotions out of it. “You need to get over it…You’ve got to move on,” she tells him. That easy? According to mom, yep. It’s that easy.

Jen and Consequence are on the hunt for a personal babysitter. First up is the booby woman showing lots of cleavage. “You know what, I can’t do this because her boobs are staring me right in the face,” Jen said. The second interviewee was fired from her last job and “rather not get into” why. Next up is the part-time makeup artist to which Cons asks, “Where’s the connection to childcare?” Finding someone to watch their son wasn’t smooth, but it looks like they hit gold with Lexi.

Yandy takes Mendeecees to apologize to Maurice. “I don’t even know if I like you or not,” Maurice says off the bat. “You think I give a f— if you like me or not?” Mendeecees responds. Their egos are fully inflated. “At the end of the day you both are going to be in my life forever,” Yandy said. “I’m sorry for putting my hands on you,” Mendeecees apologized. Finally the fellas dap it up ending their beef.

Let’s get this straight. Tahiry mushes Kaylin in the head and Kaylin feels the need to apologize to Tahiry? Clearly Joe had a hand in influencing this decision. Kaylin says women shouldn’t wild out like that (referring to her own actions), but she had a problem with the song. “Do you have a problem when he raps about me today?” Tahiry asked. Kaylin doesn’t mind him rapping about Tahiry just not getting on a track with her, which makes no sense in Tahiry’s mind. Tahiry’s mad at Joe for saying he’d do something and backing out. For her it’s bigger than the record. And she wants Kaylin to know the next time she has a problem with something her man does she should check the man, not the woman.

Yandy tells Winter she’s “breaking the code” by exposing people in the industry through her book. Winter doesn’t think there is a code. It’s her life and story to tell according to her. “My only concern is if there’s going to be any threats posed on your life,” Yandy said. Winter “ain’t got no worries” and would rather talk about Yandy potentially managing Lore’l. All Yandy sees is dollar signs so if there’s no money to be made she’s not doing it. “For me it’s very important if I’m going to run around with an artist, that I can figure out how to generate some income from it.”

Erica meets up with Rich to tell him he was a little unfair. Rich is really uninterested in having this conversation until there’s a contract. “No contract, I get it,” Erica said. “But why are you making that such a big deal?” Maybe because legally he needs to make sure he gets paid for the work he’s doing. Rich tells her the relationship is too clouded right now. “I’m let you off the hook,” he tells her. Basically he accuses her of only being with him to jump start her career. “You can let me off the hook, but I’m not going anywhere,” she yells.

Winter’s book cover reveal brings Yandy and Lore’l together for what may be the beginning of a professional relationship. Winter reads the chapter about Lore’l to a room full of people. What Winter thought was an ode to their friendship actually divulged a little too much information, like how she was sexing “all these millionaires for free.” Yandy’s confused how this could be her friend but she’s telling all her business in this book. As Yandy said, “Oh, she done lost her damn mind.” Lore’l isn’t happy and can’t believe what’s happening. “That was kind of foul,” she said. “We’ll talk. I don’t feel like this a group discussion for the room.” Lore’l pulled her to the side to let her know she rad the whole chapter and thinks it’s messed up. “I get you, you’re mad, you’re upset. That’s how I felt,” Winter said. “I don’t f— for money. Sorry,” she tells Winter. Bottomline is Lore’l doesn’t understand how Winter feels that there’s nothing wrong with what she wrote. “Hope you make all the money in the world off this book, homegirl, because you gon’ have some problems.” A lot of this could’ve been solved with Winter giving Lore’l a heads up, or she could’ve tried the whole not blasting your friend’s business in book route too.