Now Playing On A Small Screen Near You: Jen The Pen’s Tears

Our newest VH1 Blog contributor, Jen “The Pen” Bayer, is known for getting emotional on Love And Hip Hop. The woman cries a lot and she’s not ashamed to admit it. Weeks ago, we started compiling her most emotional moments and started making a gif wall of them. In this installment of her weekly blog, Jen was all about tapping into her emotions, so here’s her commentary on her famous feelings, and our wall of tears to accompany them.

If you know anything about me, whether I’m “Jen The Pen” to you or Jennifer Bayer, you know that I’m one hell of a crier!!!! I own the fact that I cry A LOT: I’m a Cancer, we’re overly sensitive, emotional, moody people who use their feelings ALL the time. I base everything in my life off of how I “feel.”

When we first started filming “Love and Hip Hop,” I was in a super-emotional place in my life and we were talking SUPER personal stuff. I always knew that once we tapped into things in my life that were ultra-sensitive, I automatically would cry. Let’s face it, Cons and I were having to deal with issues in our relationship that hadn’t been all the way resolved yet, and now here we were digging all the way into those issues — who wouldn’t cry or get emotional??? These were REAL LIFE topics that could compromise my relationship and family. Women on reality TV use all different types of emotions to deal with their feelings, whether it be verbally or physically, I just choose to cry, and I’m not at all embarrassed by it. I cry because the s— we are talking about matters to me. If I didn’t give a f—, there would be no tears. And let’s be honest how many of you would be tuning in if you weren’t getting those real raw emotions?? My tears are here to entertain you, and if I can touch and connect with just one woman out there who is going through a similar situation, I have done my job.

Jada Pinkett-Smith did an interview where she confessed to crying every single day. She referred to crying as therapeutic and I can agree completely. We women on reality TV come into your homes weekly and share our personal lives and emotions with you and confess and own up to the flaws or imperfections in our lives. This should be celebrated not mocked.

I will leave you with this, the next time you see me cry on your TV screen, remember that I came on this show with a purpose and that was to tell you my story a story that is filled with ups, downs, love and sorrow. We all have a story, I just happen to use my tears to tell it.

—xoxo Jen The Pen

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