O’Sh**t Of Black Ink Crew Talks Scooby-Doo And Sneaking Around His Mom

By the numbers, Black Ink Crew’s O’S**t leads the pack when it comes the amount of ink covering his body. The gentle giant of the Harlem shop has over 20 different tattoos of his own, including one created by his favorite artist, Andr√© Malcolm.

“I know that he kind of half-assed it because I know his work, but it’s still the best tattoo that I have on my body,” the artist sometimes known as Dick Duncan tells VH1. “Because you know what? I actually got a chance to get tattooed by someone I who really look up to.” Read more…

A unique half-elephant, half-dragon on his upper chest, the ink is a representation of his conflicting personality traits, and rivals the elaborate scope of his very first tattoo–which has grown from just his name, to his life story. “People will think it’s probably just a bunch of stuff put together, but it really means a lot to me,” he says.

While it’s grown into something much bigger, S**t can remember that moment when the needle first touched his skin–without his mother’s knowledge or blessing–as Scooby-Doo played in the background of his friend’s kitchen. Despite being only 14 at the time, he has no regrets about the tattoo, or any of the other art that adorns his body. “It basically shows the stages of your life, how you felt in that moment,” he explains, disputing his mom’s fear that tattooing would soon lead to painful body piercings below the belt… for now.

Check out more of our photos of O’S**t and his many tattoos, below.

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[Photos: Lauren Weissler for VH1]