“A Woman Is Her Own Secret Weapon”: Black Ink Crew Star Sassy Explains Her Tattoos

What is it about an AK-47 that’s so appealing to Black Ink Crew star Sassy that she’d get a huge one tattooed across her back?

As she explains it, it’s all about “A woman recognizing that she is her own secret weapon.” Which is why she, Dutchess, and their co-star Alex, all have huge guns etched into their skin. Even though Sassy works in a tattoo shop and has a huge piece of art covering her back, she only has three tattoos total, which is a surprisingly small number, but in the clip above, she talks about each of them and what their significance is. Later, stay tuned to hear which celebrity has her favorite tattoo — the answer might surprise you…unless you can already smell what’s cookin’. Check out all of our photos of Sassy and her tats in the gallery below.

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