Alex From Black Ink Crew Shows Some Skin And Gets Real About Her Co-Stars

Alex Estevez has become famous for her flirtations on Black Ink Crew, but the one thing she hears the most when she’s out in public has to do with her career. “Everywhere I go, people are like, oh, your checks say ’model’ on them, huh?” she told us when she visited our studio recently for a photo shoot.

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Even though she did say those words early on in the season, she doesn’t want to be known as the KB (“krazy b—h,” as she’s been labeled) on the show, and in real life, she isn’t. We wanted to get to know Alex a little to see what she was really like, so take a peek in our gallery, where we got some killer photos of Alex’s tattoos, the stories behind them, and find out what she really thinks of her co-stars.

[Photos: Jennifer Marigliano for VH1]