Love And Hip Hop – Episode 8 – ‘Rudolph Don’t Run My Crib’

Before we get to the quote pictured above–the best quote of the episode–the rundown for tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop involves a whole lot of he say/she say. It gets as messy as Frank Ocean’s room when he sang, “A tornado flew around my room before you came.”

In Rich’s world he “broke up with shorty.” The whole “I’m letting you go” and “I’m not going anywhere” back and forth between him and Erica didn’t seem like a breakup. Rich is meeting with his boy Peter Gunz again looking for the approval to at least still work with her professionally. “I don’t want to turn my back on the money,” he said. Pete’s confused because he could’ve sworn they had this talk already. “She’s a livewire and I don’t really think she respects you 100 percent, not even on the business side of things,” Pete tells him. Severing ties is the only solution in Pete’s mind. Pete pulls out the flier of a party Erica’s hosting that she didn’t tell Rich about. “Me and this f— b—- just had this conversation last week man,” Rich says obviously upset. “Breakup with her musically too. Let’s get this over with man. This what she should be doing. Not singing.” Shots fired. “She got me looking crazy, over and over and over again.” Rich is lucky to have a friend like Pete.

Lore’l met with Yandy to figure out how to handle the betrayal of Winter writing salacious personal info in her book. “I was so ready to see you kick off your shoes and start pulling hair in there, I was like ’please don’t,'” Yandy said. Yandy doesn’t care about the gossip she has one thing on her mind. “The bottomline is: do you have talent and if you don’t have talent are you marketable enough for me to make money,” Yandy said. Yandy is about her paper. Yandy’s going to work with Lore’l on a trial run, but first things first is the damage control for what Lore’l claims are lies in Winter’s book.

Joe shows up to Tahiry’s job once again. “Clarity on why I mushed her?” she asked. “You were there.” “I didn’t feel it was worth any added burden. You give me enough f—- burden,” he said. Tahiry’s point is that she doesn’t knock on his door for anything, but of course Joe disagrees. “You ungrateful sack of s—,” she told him. Tahiry gets angry, laying out everything she’s done for him. “You know what’s tired? Because I was paying ya motherf—- bills. Because I was paying your haircuts. ’Cause I was paying your tabs to eat,” she said. “You doing a lot of venting for somebody who don’t give a f—.” Joe thinks he’s being logical while Tahiry thrives off emotion. As reconciliation Joe’s idea is, “I think what should happen from here as a sign of good faith and reconciliation is a threesome.” A menage a trois is Joe’s solution. Think on that for a second.

Rich rolls through Erica’s hosting party with Pete. Erica’s cheesing like a kid on Christmas. She’s excited to see her man or ex-man. “They couldn’t reach you,” she said. “You’re unreachable.” “No I’m not being reachable for this bulls—,” he said. “You been doing this s— for five years. How many years you gonna keep doing these same parties?…How long you gon’ get two bottles, your homegirls and come party? Get your f— stack, your f—- shoe money, and have fun with this bulls— because I’m done. I don’t want to f— with you, I don’t want to manage you and I’m taking my record and you are done.” Erica keeps yelling, “Be done.” Somehow we think Erica thinks she can shmooze her way back into his life.

Yandy and Mendeecees stopped by Winter’s house so Yandy could clear up her name in Winter’s book. Rashidah’s name comes up and they spill the tea. Mendeecees claims he had sex with her a long time ago and she owes him money. On to more important things like business Yandy tells Winter, “I have issues with that night. One, I think you set me up with that girl.” Winter thinks as long as Yandy and Lore’l keep it business it will be a great relationship. She also clears the air saying she has no ill feelings toward her. More importantly, Yandy doesn’t want people to think she co-signed this book since her name is in the intro. “I’ll take it out,” Winter offered. “I don’t have a problem with that.” There is something to be said about Yandy’s business mind.

Sorry, Kaylin. Girl, you give your man too much leeway. Her response when Joe told her he went to see Tahiry at her job is too calm, cool and collective. Put your foot down, woman up! Kaylin has questions but not in the accusatory kind of way. “You should get her a gift,” Kaylin said. “A musical gift.” Kaylin, I mean not being insecure is one thing, but this takes the cake.

Jen’s Christmas shopping but it brings up bad feelings for her because Consequence doesn’t want Christmas in the house. “It’s so important to my family because this what I come from,” Jen said. In the store she breaks down with a tearful sad song about not wanting to fight with him anymore about it. “I just want him to do it.” Her friend chimes in saying it should be important to Cons because it’s important to her. “To hear you don’t even put up a tree is crazy to me,” her best friend said.

Rich met up with Erica, which we’re sure Pete would not approve. Erica’s saying all the right things to bait Rich back in. She uses her her trust issues, single motherhood and loyalty to reel him back in. “I accepted your help with the song and the first thing you did was f—- take it from me,” she says. “Yo you gon’ run that single mother s— into the f—- grave,” he said. “Do you want to manage me?” He never answers but Rich was getting weak in the knees all over again.

“The other night, that was literally the wackest s— I’ve ever seen in my entire motherf—- life,” Lore’l said to Winter. “You bashed the s— out of me in that book.” Winter apologized for hurting her former friend. She believed it would actually open the door for them to have a conversation. Bashing someone in a book usually doesn’t lead to anything good. Winter wants an apology for whatever Lore’l did to her that led to her writing the chapter in the first place. After Lore’l gets gully with her for two minutes straight Winter says she has no problem taking the chapter out. “I don’t want to see nothing happen to you, but that book right there, you need to be careful,” Lore’l warns.

Jen’s ready to put her foot down about Christmas. “I don’t celebrate Christmas,” he says. “So it’s not a thing for me to initiate at all.” Jen says she doesn’t want him to initiate anything but wants him to not be annoyed if she brings home some ornaments. “You seemed really annoyed [with] even the snowman,” she said. “I didn’t take the snowman and light him on fire and now he’s fireman,” said Cons. Jen starts crying as per usual explaining the importance of traditional memories for a child. “Listen, Rudolph don’t run my crib,” Consequence said. “You’re talking big girl talk so what you want to do?” He conceded that Jen can take their son to her friend’s for Christmas to open gifts as long as they’re not going to mass.

Winter shows up to support the launch of Rashidah’s shoe line. Winter promptly  informed Rah that Yandy would be coming to the event while also running down what Mendeecees said about her when he and Yandy stopped by her house. Winter’s messy for being the “run-tel-dat” girl. “I’m really even disgusted that Mendeecees would even come out and say anything like that to you,” Rah said. Well, if Winter had kept her lips zipped this wouldn’t be an issue. Now Rah is riled up to speak to Yandy about her man.

“No disrespect to you at all, I think that Mendeecees is a f—- clown,” she tells Yandy. Talk about a first introduction. Yandy let her know that was obviously disrespect but it’s Winter’s fault for running back to tell Rah anything. When Rah wants to tell Yandy what happened Yandy shuts it down. “Honestly, I could care less. I’m on business time here, that’s personal.” Rah issues her warning that the next time he has her name in his mouth there will be problems.”In the event that he mentions my name again, I’m going to hold you accountable.” “Please do,” Yandy responded.

Yandy never lost her cool. Now let’s just hope Mendeecees doesn’t mention Rah again so there’s no unnecessary beef between the ladies. And is anyone else questioning Winter’s loyalty as a friend? Anyone?