Nobody Puts Renee In A Corner: The Mob Wives’ Best Live Tweets Of The Night

We never, ever would have expected to see the two women with the strongest bond on Mob Wives, Karen and Ramona, go at it the way they did last night. The “cousins” got into it after Ramona revealed her engagement to her incarcerated boyfriend and it was not the reaction Ramona expected. During the show, the ladies live-tweeted through it all and it seems like they’re totally cool now, but Carla was happy that for once, the fighting didn’t center on her.

Meanwhile, Drita and Ang offered up some of their funniest commentary of the season about sex in tiny bathrooms and jacked-up boob jobs. Check out the best tweets of the night below.

  • ang1-1362411883

  • ang2-1362411883

  • ang3-1362411882

  • ang4-1362411882

  • ang5-1362411881

  • ang6-1362411880

  • carla1-1362411877

  • carla2-1362411876

  • carla3-1362411875

  • drita1-1362411875

  • drita2-1362411874

  • drita3-1362411873

  • karen1-1362411877

  • love2-1362411884

  • lovetweet-1362411885

  • ramona1-1362411880

  • ramona2-1362411879

  • ramona3-1362411878

  • renee1-1362411873

  • renee2-1362411872

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