Black Ink Crew – Episode 10 – Sassy In Charge

It’s Sassy’s first day as manager and it’s time to put forth her Black Ink agenda. She wants to bring a corporate side to the shop that could help get the business to the next level.

Puma has a great idea to have a gallery opening, and he’s got connections in the art world to make it happen. Sassy loves the idea… but as soon as the group start making plans, an argument starts out of nowhere.

It’s clear Dutchess and Puma aren’t getting along when Dutchess starts yelling at top volume. She wants to add hourly “urban floetry” to the event which Puma says would be very annoying.

Ted and Alex meet up to recap their night before, but from the start it’s obvious things are not going well. Alex is still trying to convince Teddy they should be together…

…and he’s still not having it. “I fed her mussels, and we ended up twapping again,” is how he romantically sums up their night.

Their meeting hits a low point when Teddy gives Alex a pair of underwear she left at his house. But their NOT HERS. Ouch.

Dutchess steps in to Ceaser’s office for reassurance that her ideas for the gallery opening were the best ideas. We’re starting to see Puma’s point.

Is there some favoritism going on here? Dutchess assures him she doesn’t want him to side with her just because they’re together, but basks in the advantage nonetheless.

O’S**t is busy creating great art and making clients happy this episode.

First, Puma and the client Charlie Black have a “black off” to determine who is darker. Charlie wins!

Charlie, who you hit up on Twitter if you want to go to a great party, wants a “side chick”. Literally, an image of a woman tattooed on his side that he can always count on to be there for him.

Ladies, are you taking notes?

Sassy is the next member of the Crew to reach out to Alex. Whether or not she deserves chances, Alex has had many to come clean. Sassy wants to know, what happened with coming to Vegas, when she let them all down?

Alex tells Sassy yet a different story from any we’ve heard so far, about having a “feeling” she shouldn’t go.

Sassy has heard enough and she and Alex part with matters unresolved.

One of the best moments of the show comes up, as we are really curious to see Teddy screen models for the Black Ink gallery event. This is supposed to be his area of expertise, but he seems to keep looking at his phone.

The first applicant, nickname “Menace to Society,” is a no. But there are some promising candidates.

Walt remains skeptical.

Later, at the barber shop, the men of Black Ink have a loose plan to stage an intervention with Cease, and get him to see that Dutchess is exercising way too much power at the shop.

When Ted informs Cease he’s lost his “pimp status” it gets Cease wondering–could they have a point?

The next day is a good day at Black Ink, because Sassy’s mother Mama Sass is expected in. Everyone loves Mama Sass!

Ceaser will be giving her the tattoo, but Mama Sass will offer Ceaser something he needs: good advice about his relationship with Dutchess. She hears Cease when he says Dutchess is too possessive, and that they spend too much time together. Also, observes Mama Sass, Dutchess is not from New York and relies on Cease a lot for support, and that’s a big responsibility.

Nice work, Cease!

It’s the day of the gallery event and two hours to opening, no art is on the walls. Sassy is getting the only one at the venue and she is getting worried.

Where is everyone? There’s no time to worry about that, right now, there’s work to be done! And the models are the ones to do it. They get started hanging paintings.

These are the most useful models in history. The guys start to arrive and Sassy is glad to see them.

Puma is hanging paintings and generally swooping in as a hero at the last minute.

Sassy concentrates on pulling off the rest of the event and making sure the attendees are happy. Even Dutchess has to admit the event was a success!

It’s good to see everyone happy and getting along again!

In the tradition of disastrous relationship talks this episode, Dutchess decides to take Cease to task one more time about whether he is serious about her. After we establish his love-hate relationship with Mexican food and find out that he doesn’t like the Best Food On Earth (avocados), he lets Dutchess know they are probably moving too fast.

Her expression says it all, am I right?

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