12 Days Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta : Watch Episode 3 Here

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is coming, folks. As an appetizer to the main entree we’re running all 12 episodes of the first season right here on the VH1 Blog. Your daily fix until the big return April 22nd is right at your fingertips for your enjoyment.

A lot has transpired in two episodes. Stevie J is juggling both Mimi and Joseline. On the last episode Joseline dropped the bomb on Stevie J that she was pregnant and it was indeed his baby. On today’s episode you’ll find out what Joseline will do about the baby. Meanwhile K.Michelle pours her heart out at a showcase as she tries to get her career back on track. In the “Kiss and Yell” episode find out if K.Michelle can fight for her second chance and if Mimi finds out about Joseline and Stevie J’s secret.