The Best Moments From Mob Wives Episode 11: Love Wants To Eat Carla

From Big Ang’s words of wisdom to Drita’s blunt assessment of Love’s “mental problems,” last night’s Mob Wives planted massive bombs likely to explode next week all because of a silly pair of angel wings. Despite the fact that they’ve never met, Love and Carla are at odds, arguing over bad thoughts said behind-the-back and poor business tactics.

But while much of the drama contained within Mob Wives can be found in the fighting between frenemies, we forgot about how fun it can be to watch these ladies succeed and have a good time. A now sober  watched her gangster shoe line come to life while enjoying new activities with her son, while Drita’s salon moved one step closer to opening for business–conveniently across the street from the Drunken Monkey. Read more…

Check out the best moments, below.

Climbing Rocks and Robbing Banks?

After trying her hand at krav maga last week, Renee decides to take AJ rock climbing as part of her quest to do things that are positive and different. “It’s going to squish your private,” mom warns her baby boy before watching him strap into the harness. Wedgies might be embarrassing and painful, but they’re totally worth it for some quality time with your son. Alas, the height and lack of control were too much for Renee to handle, as were the many reminders of her past–namely guys who used to “climb walls” to break into banks.

Drita Tells It Like It Is

“Love definitely has an issue with you,” she warned Carla delicately, knowing full well what it’s like to be at odds with this crew. Whether it’s over a boyfriend they both dated/”banged” back in the day, or a “stolen” logo strangely similar to a certain multi-million dollar lingerie establishment (“Who even knew she had a business?”) Love wants to hash it out with Carla for once and for all while Carla insists she doesn’t give a “f–k” about a woman she’s never met. Drita played nice with her friend in hopes of keeping the peace, while explaining to viewers that Carla’s  Rihanna-esque attitude would be no match for what Love wants to do to solve that issue: “Love wants to eat her.” We like this Drita who can get along with everyone, and we love this Drita who playfully narrates the craziness around her.

Love’s Loose Temper Gets Justified By A Professional

Speaking of the woman who’s looking for a snack in the style of a Staten Island wine enthusiast… There was a hardly a positive moment to be found when thinking about the pain Love went through in car accident, but you have to admit it was enjoyable to watch the doctor ask whether or not she has the tendency to overreact and get angry–common side effects from serious head injuries. So, let it be known, her erratic behavior and short fuse is (somewhat) out of her control. Can the same be said of the other women?

Women Be Clubbin’

If they’re not going to fight, they might as well drink. The ladies got together for Love’s 40th (+1) birthday party, sharing drinks and exchanging dance moves without a care in the world. As for Karen’s maybe-boo Storm? He handled what typically can be a terrifying experience–one man thrown into a flock of aggressive, foul-mouthed women–with great poise. “If anyone can survive these bitches, they’re in for the long hall,” a happy KG explains.

Big Ang’s Fashion Sense

Drita and Big Ang used Carla’s wine even to assess the Love situation and tell their friend point blank that she should be scared. Ang always knows just what to say AND just what to wear for an important conversation: black means what she’s about to tell you is serious, while that low-hanging brim helps her hide her face if she’s said too much and needs a quick getaway. Drita, meanwhile, remains focused on her wine glass (whatever gets you through the night).

Will Carla and Love ever meet? Will Ang and Drita invite us for a day of pampering and drinking now that they’re business neighbors? Tune in next Sunday to find out.

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