Love And Hip Hop – Episode 11 – When The Feds Come Knocking

“I knew Tahiry’s h* a– would be somewhere on the scene,” Raqi said during her confessional. Well that’s a way to start a Love and Hip Hop episode, not so much how you go into an apology.

Raqi approaches Tahiry at Olivia’s showcase with the intention of apologizing so Joe will do the interview for her. “Joe has personally asked that you and I squash the bulls—.” Tahiry laughs hysterically in Raqi’s face. Read more…

“I’m not out here to look like a bird no more,” Raqi says. No more? “Wow. Quite an apology,” said Tahiry. She’s not moved at all. The olive branch that should’ve been extended ended up in an argument. “I’m sorry your pockets is a little dry, boo,” Tahiry yelled. “You’re one step away from a unibrow, bitch.” So…about that interview with Joe.

Yandy and Mendeecees are enjoying family time. They break the engagement news to the seven years old. “You married?” he asked excitedly. Too adorable. After Yandy explains it’s an engagement ring she says, “I’m going to be a Harris now.” Mendeecees Jr. is so excited he starts kissing everyone.

Tiffany tells Rich she met up with Olivia. “I need to talk to someone. Literally I’m going crazy.” Tiffany is stuck between a rock and a hard place since Erica thinks they’re really friends. “You need to wake up. I didn’t do all this s— for nothing,” she said. Rich admits that he appreciates Tiffany for spying on Erica for her. “You got me watching Erica, but you still rocking with her. You think that’s fair to me?” Tiffany wants him to pull her out because she feels she’s in too deep. As she cries Rich wants to know how he can fix it. “I want you to stop f—- with Erica.” He says she’s right and he’ll shut it down. “You’ve equipped me with the information that’s ultimately led to the decision that has to be made. And shorty has to go,” he said. This makes Tiffany very happy, but we can guess who won’t be so happy.

Jen and Consequence are on edge around the house. “I feel like I’m always telling you something that’s wrong,” Jen confesses. According to Jen, they don’t communicate well because Cons is hostile. Jen’s lost 15 pounds in a month and is attributing it to stress. “Sometimes I may inadvertently take things out on you,” he says. As he’s trying to express himself she cuts him off as usual. “You gotta listennnnn,” he tells her. Cons blames the pressures of the industry and how it tests his faith daily. Jen admits that Cons has done everything for her. “But I need you to talk nice to me, I need you to treat me good,” she pleads.

Lawd. We don’t know how Kaylin’s going to react to Joe telling her he’s going to the Dominican Republic with Tahiry. “She told me that she was going to the Dominican Republic,” he said. “And what does that have to do with you?” Kaylin asked. Good question. “I’m not certain that me and Tahiry aren’t in love with each other.” Telling your current girlfriend who lives with you that you may still be in love with your ex is worthy of a “Oh, hell no” moment. To add more salt to injury he tells her, “I’m going with or without your consent.” Kaylin remains calm although she’s hurt. “Say if you come back and you say, ’Listen, Tahiry and I are still in love,’ where the f— do I go?” “This is going to sound really heartless, but that’s not going to make me stay right now.” Kaylin supports his decision in the end, but what other choice does she have? He was going to go anyway and she has no other place to live. Raise two hands if you want Kaylin to put her foot down and wild out.

Yandy’s mind is running a million miles a minute since the federal agents showed up at her house looking for Mendeecees. Kimbella shows up to be her shoulder to lean on. “We have no idea,” Yandy says. “I can’t fathom waking up and he’s not here. I can’t fathom not talking to him all day everyday.” Yandy’s an emotional mess. Luckily Kimbella’s there to comfort her.

Tahiry’s in her native country and feeling good. After telling the kids from her charity to stay in school she realizing they’re helping her.When night falls she partakes in a candlelight dinner on the beach with Mr. Ex. “Don’t try to act like you’re not happy I’m here,” Joe says. He’s there to psychoanalyze her. It’s your issues! It’s you! It’s not me! “I don’t think you’ve ever accepted, nor my dad ever accepted responsibility for any of the stuff,” she said. “This is wrong…you have a girlfriend. Why don’t you speak the truth? Maybe I’ll be a lot nicer to you,” she says. Tahiry is over Joe’s manipulation and tells him to catch the next flight home. But in typical Joe fashion he walks away first.

Olivia and Jewel (Rich’s mom) are meeting with him for an intervention. “This is really an intervention,” says Olivia. “You need to be reeled in. You’re out of control,” his mom adds. Of course Rich thinks they’ve blown it all out of proportion. “Your life is falling to s—. That’s what your life is.” Olivia tells him. Olivia is not happy Rich is still sleeping with Erica. Although he claims he’s broken up with her he doesn’t see the problem in backsliding occasionally. “I thought that’s what everybody does with exes,” he said. “Clearly everybody still sleeps with Erica,” Liv says. Rich explains the situation between Tiffany and Erica. “You the person that wash your hands 20 times a day. So you good sleeping with this dirty bitch knowing she do what she do?” Olivia asks. Liv is going for the jugular. Rich’s mom steps in saying what he’s doing is morally wrong. “Why do you still have sex with Erica?” “Because she’s using me so I’m using her back.” Erica’s going to blow a gasket. Liv gives Rich an ultimatum. She’s not here for the self-destruction that is Erica Mena and she says she’s out if he doesn’t stop messing with her. “I can’t keep doing this with you either, Rich,” his mom says. “Y’all win. There’s no more Erica Mena in nobody’s life,” he gives in. Everyone’s happy.

Tahiry’s dad cried  as soon as he saw his daughter for the first time in two years. “I haven’t seen you or called you because I’m angry,” she tells him. “Just the things I saw. The women, the many kids.” He says he didn’t know how much damage he would do to everyone. She explains to him her mom cried when she brought up the divorce, 20 years later. She tells him that her relationships suffer because of him. She’s talking to him about what he’s done, but then starts talking about Joe. “Because you don’t want to let it go,” he tells her. “You have to let it go.” Daddy knows, Tahiry. He is, after all, a man who has made many mistakes.

“I thought you were gone by now,” Tahiry says when Joe knocks on her door. “You will never let me go. You won’t let be breathe,” she said. Joe was coming to DR to get his answer on whether he’s still in love with Tahiry. “You’ve continue to disappoint me and not held me sacred,” Tahiry said. Joe tears up realizing he was a horrible boyfriend. “Last I knew I was the cry baby,” Tahiry said. Will they or won’t they figure this out without hurting other people or each other in the process is the question that remains unanswered?

Yandy’s making breakfast for the family on Mendeecees goes in for questioning about the charges brought against him. Mendeecees puts on a matching sweater with his seven year old. “It looks perfectly,” Yandy says. Mendeecees has to talk to his son about the possibility of not seeing him for awhile. “But what does that mean?” his son asks. He hugs his son tightly and cries. His son teases him so he quickly wipes his eyes. “I’m not crying,” he said. Mendeecees wants to get it over with because he may not go the longer they wait. One thing that can never be questioned is: Mendeecees’s love for his children.

“Worst case scenario: if you don’t turn around and walk right back out, what does that mean?” He tells her that means he would be fighting the case. “I’m so heartbroken,” Yandy said. Mendeecees doesn’t want Yandy to wait for him if he goes to jail. “I want you happy even if it ain’t with me,” he tells Yandy. Yandy won’t hear any of it. She’s going to stay with her man. “I feel like a failure,” he says.

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