Black Ink Crew Finale: Ceaser And O’S**t Get Real

How many boxes of tissues did you go through on last night’s finale of Black Ink Crew? (Be honest!) For a show that’s been all about showcasing this charismatic group of Harlem kids and their out-of-this world artistic talent, season one has taken a dramatic turn of late, chronicling a variety of very different real life problems that have the potential to affect us all outside the tattoo studio.

While a lot of attention has been placed upon his relationship with Dutchess, Ceaser only had eyes for one woman last night: his mother. Together they shared a powerful moment remembering a dear friend, Corey, Ceaser’s childhood playmate and first apprentice, who was murdered at his mother’s tattoo shop in Brooklyn.”Corey is very dear to my heart, and for that s–t to happen to him like this? That f–ked me up,” he told the camera. “I’m never going to be able to see my friend again.” It was a side of Ceaser we haven’t been privy to much throughout the past 13 episodes. There were no jokes, and that arrogant bluster he carries himself with was stripped away in the presence of his mother, as the pair reemphasized the importance of “family first.”

Meanwhile, the severity of O’S–t’s legal troubles are beginning to take their toll on him. Despite getting to spend time with his daughter Lulu (who gives Kiyan Anthony some serious competition in the Cutest VH1 Kid department) the prospect of leaving his baby girl for an extended period of time–and having to explain to her why Daddy is going away–left him in a puddle. “She’s like the only person who I can really talk to,” he said. “I’m trying not to keep this f–king negative s–t in me, but I really think I’m going to jail. I don’t know how to f–king face the world.”

Were you surprised to see such emotional sides of these guys? Whose story touched you more, and how much are you missing Black Ink Crew already?

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