Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano’s Bark Is Bigger Than Her Bite

Renee’s struggle with addiction has played a pivotal role on Mob Wives over the last two seasons. Now that she’s gone through treatment, you expected to see a calm, cool, and collected Ms. Graziano–the kind of person who frequently speaks to the benefits of juicing and wants to comment on everyone’s inner “light” whenever she has the chance–step off the plane from Florida, right? Eh, not exactly.

’Tis true, friends: One thing rehab didn’t take away was her potty mouth tendencies. While newfound sobriety has encouraged her to get out into the world and try different things–like krav maga and rock climbing–she’s still the same fiery, fiesty lady who will tell you exactly how it is–and how it will be if you get on her bad side. Maybe a cute new pet will fix this? Puppies can solve most of life’s problems. Check out some of Renee’s more intense moments in the video above.

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