The Best Moments From Mob Wives Episode 12: Walking The F–K Away

All’s been quiet on Mob Wives of late–too quiet. While Love and Carla continue to talk about each other to everyone around them, there haven’t been any face-to-face screaming matches, save for Ramona and Karen’s familial bickering. It feels about time for someone–or something–to explode, and because all good fight take place in a public arena, enter Karen’s prenup party.

This kind of soiree is admittedly not your mother’s party, nor something every marrying woman agrees with. “I never did a prenup because I spend all the money,” says Big Ang, while Renee reminds her gal pals that they don’t do “prenup, post-nup, anything nups” in this lifestyle. Getting “knocked up,” in case you’re wondering, is all good–just ask Grandma Ang! Read more…

Still, we all like a reason to come together and nosh, and the Mob Wives love a party they can upstage with some yelling. “It can go from a party to a brawl really quick with this crew.” That would be Carla “Soothsayer” Facciolo to you.

Read on for our favorite moments from a particularly fiery penultimate episode.

Carla Loves “Love” (Whether She Realizes It Or Not)

Carla might be sick of talking about the “storytelling, lying witch,” but her lounge wear certainly suggests otherwise. When Big Ang came over for lunch and chitchat (neither of which were all too fulfilling for Ms. Raiola) Carla launched into a Fatal Attraction-esque story from Love’s past… all while decked out in “Love” from head to toe.

Ramona’s Positivity

Say what you will about Ramona’s decision to marry a man who is currently incarcerated–“cousin” Karen certainly has–but we have never seen her happier. From tasting foodstuffs last week to just speaking with her man by mobile, her smile feels genuine and makes us want the best for her. Also, she looks great, which gives a whole knew reason to take her up on this Positive Thinking strategy.

Drita’s Interview Gets Personal

With Just Make Me Over set to open, Drita needs a few good men (and women) to man her shop during the day as she goes about her other Lady Boss activities. She was frank with her collection of applicants, assuring them that being a criminal isn’t something she’s interested in hooking up with again and that bad words don’t faze her. She was caught ff guard when one potential employee handed over his digital portfolio.. which happened to contain a few, ahem, personal photos of his own. Yes, but how was the makeup?

Big Ang’s Pet Turtle

There are many things to love about this snapshot: Angela’s pink kitchen, an opened two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola sitting on the counter, her sweats-n-Uggs combo. But my heart skipped a beat when thinking about Big Ang caring for a tiny, slimy turtle on the daily–cigarette in hand, natch. We know she loves that baby boy of hers.

The Prenup Party

We don’t want to encourage unnecessary fighting, but it felt a bit satisfying to finally see what everyone has been saying about Love. The woman whose loose temper may or may not be attributed to recent head injury absolutely exploded on one of Ramona’s friends (who likes to call herself her “sis”), provoked in turn by the fact that she had to hear about her longtime amigo’s upcoming wedding through the grapevine. Friendships can be more stressful than romantic relationships, and here’s yet another reason why. The subsequent scene affects all the ladies (“Can we have at least one party where everybody’s normal?), but at least Drita remembers what’s important: “Do I have to f–king fight right now? Because I’m wearing f–king really expensive shoes.”

Will Love settle down in time for the season finale, or is this just the beginning of her erratic behavior?

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