Shady Boots And Love: The Best Love And Hip Hop Tweets Of The Night

Raqi Thunda may have found yoga on last night’s finale of Love and Hip Hop, but she was back to spitting hot fire (not the kind Dave Chappelle as Dylan does) on Twitter during the show. If you were wondering what she thinks of Tahiry, Rashidah Ali and Jen the Pen, basically they’re “raggedy ann bitches.” Meanwhile Yandy only offered up her tears to watching the episode.

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You can usually count on the mudslinging to reach an all-time high during when reality stars live-tweet during the show. Don’t believe us? Check the timeline of any of the Mob Wives cast during a show. Although the finale was complete with Erica’s fist hitting Tiffany, the drama was kept to a minimum; and surprisingly most of the cast kept their shade to themselves. Operative word being most. Yandy and Raqi even had a mini-love fest on the social media forum we love. But the award for Ms. Shady Boots of the night goes to…Raqi. So without further ado here’s the best live-tweets of the night.

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