The Best Moments From Mob Wives Season Three Finale: The Party Ruiner

Twas a season of new beginnings and second chances, as the women of Mob Wives opened the door to their personal lives like never before. But first, let’s get to the brawl we all knew was coming…

While Renee’s cureagous decision to enter rehab (and bring the cameras with her) hopefully shed light on an all too common problem, and Drita’s newly reunited family faced the future of getting to know each other once again, the season was dominated by the smack talk thrown between Love and Carla–two women who’ve never met. So in typical Mob Wives fashion, the respective parties who’ve blabbed about logos and ex-boyfriends–each detailing very violent and very specific ways they’d like to “end” the other if given the chance–were brought together in a public forum. You’d think the large number of people, bulky security guards, and camera crew would discourage Love from putting her hands on Carla. And yet… Read more… 

Without further ado, the best and/or most memorable moments to end Season Three.


Say hello to the “bada-bing dress,” also known as “the parents don’t come dress.”

With a wedding happening at some point in the near future (whether or not the husband will be in attendance is still TBD), Ramona went dress shopping with her Best Man and (very attractive) gay hubby, Sammy. And unlike Carrie Bradshaw, those white numbers didn’t give her any hives. Why all the fuss, friends and family? She’s obviously happy.


An entirely different shopping trip causes Ramona and Karen to step back in time, in hopes of finding the perfect piece of retro chic for Drita’s birthday party. First, wrap your head around the fact that these two are heading to Drita’s bash–with no plans to jump her–and then the idea of big hair, fishnets, and sequins becomes a lot easier to swallow. “I had a lot of fun in the ’80s,” Ramona explains, making us wonder how many fights she got into back in the day as well.


Far from true, Angela.

As for that big hair, it’s time to bring out the hairspray and tease present locks to new heights. Oh, Big Ang. Don’t be so hard on yourself! We think you look fabulous.


We saw Love’s ability to snap without warning, and before her reality television career-defining brawl, she’s driven to screaming out shouting over the phone just at the mention of Carla’s name.


With Karen on hand to bridge the gap, Love was escorted over to Carla in hopes of hashing out their differences in a calm and mature manner. No more than five words were said before fists were flying–Love’s “broken hand” and all–and security swarmed onto the scene, creating a blob of profanity-spewing mayem that disruptively moved throughout the venue. It’s difficult to say who started it, we agree with Ramona’s advice hours before: if you think you’re going to fight, stay home. (We all want cake, right?) Also: Violence is never the answer, but the abundance of scrunchies and ’80s hairdos helps take the edge of things this time around.

Tonight’s finale wrapped up a season in which all seven women became Lady Bosses, largely driven by their own desires (regardless of what friends and family members had to say). Renee sought help for addiction even though her son A.J. doesn’t think it’s something you need, while Ramona continued to make plans for a special day even thought it’s likely the love of her life is going away for a very long time. And Love? Love showed her true colors in tonight’s finale, making us realize for once and for all that she is definitely not all bark and no bite.

Have you recovered from Love and Carla’s altercation? Did Karen set Carla up? Will the Mob Wives cast be able to party in public ever again? What will you miss most from the Mob Wives ladies? Leave your thoughts on Season Three in the comments below.

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