Mob Wives Finale Sneak Peek: Can Drita And Lee Live Happily Ever After?

With all the tension mounting between Carla and Love, expect a big bang from the Mob Wives finale this Sunday. But in addition to cat fights and talking behind backs, there have been a number of tough family dilemmas plaguing the women this season.

With Lee fresh from jail and back in his family’s life, Drita must face her new reality. “It’s scary. You’ve put me in situations where you’re there, and I’m happy, and then you’re gone,” she tells her husband in a first look from Sunday’s episode. With the benefit of having friends who’ve gone through similar situations, as well as being her own Lady Boss, Drita’s surely heard no shortage of opinions on the matter–which may not necessarily align with what her heart is telling her.

Check out a sneak peek from the episode above, and let us know if you think Drita, Lee, and the girls can be one big happy family again, or if it’s time to move on.

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