Mob Wives Finale: The Brawl We All Knew Was Coming

Last night’s Mob Wives Season Three finale continued the tradition of acting out and pulling hair during an otherwise classy event. We knew Love had the propensity to explode, and this time Drita was the one worrying about security deposits as she and Carla finally spoke face to face–the latter ending up with a bloody hand and a mouth full of expletives (“Everybody here is a douchebag.”)

If you’re comfortable with reliving the chaotic fight and its even crazier aftermath, it’s time to weigh in: Should Carla have attended Drita’s party knowing that Love would be there? Was Love smart to show her face in public after the way she erupted at Karen’s prenup party? Did Karen set Carla up? Should we have expected Love’s behavior to be that bad?

Who’s To Blame For The Brawl At Drita’s Party?

Carla is not impressed…


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