Behind The Scenes Candids Of Love And Hip Hop Cast At The Reunion

No one is in their dressing room getting riled up to go off on the castmates they despise prior to the show. At least not from what we saw. Before the Love and Hip Hop reunion starts, before the makeovers are done, it’s all love.

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During the reunion we snuck in–and by snuck we mean the exact opposite–the dressing rooms of some of the ladies as they prepped for the night of heated moments. Tahiry and Rashidah will come for you if you cross them, but they were a ball of mush in their shared dressing room. Lore’l and Jen who were in separate dressing rooms were making sure their weaves were tight and makeup flawless. Check out the flicks from behind the scenes of the Love and Hip Hop reunion.

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A Behind The Scenes Look At Tahiry And Rashidah’s Dressing Room At The Love And Hip Hop Reunion