Drita D’Avanzo Talks Lady Boss Ways And The Opening Of Her New Beauty Store

Along with party ruining, Mob Wives Season Three was all about fiery Staten Island women embarking on exciting, new business ventures. Drita, the original Lady Boss, went to work on her beauty store, Just Make Me Over, which has recently opened its doors to the public. And to celebrate her big accomplishment, Drita is hosting a makeup seminar tonight in New York City.

Fans and makeup fiends can join the lovely Drita in Manhattan for an evening of drinks, snacks, and beauty lessons. Bringing attention to the hottest spring and summer trends, Drita is putting her expertise on display for those who can’t hop the ferry and see her in her natural habitat. Located on SI’s Forest Avenue, Just Make Me Over is actually across the street from Big Ang’s Drunken Monkey. (How convenient!) Read more…

“We’re like Three’s Company, me and Ang,” Drita tells VH1. “Her customers come into my store wrecked. They go, ‘Drita, you got any pink lipstick? I just came from the Monkey, Drita! Drita!'”

Along with help from both Ang and her family–her brother built Drita’s store–daughter Giselle has already taken a strong interest in the family business. “Giselle already told me she will take over the store. True story: she does Monster High makeup, which you have to be an artist to be able to do. She does incredible work,” Drita says of her five-year-old baby. “When she comes into my makeup store it’s like Disney World. She’s very serious about it.”

With escalating drama that took a violent turn on Sunday’s finale, Drita seems happy to have focused so much of her time and energy on her own ventures this year. “I loved Season Three for me because I think that Season Three showed me more–I love to crack jokes, I’m funny, and I’m very business-oriented. I have a lot of drive and stuff and you can see that now,” she says. “Before I was always fighting and aggravated and that’s just not how I am. I’m only like that if you’re f–king annoying me and for f–king two seasons I was being annoyed.” So with the opening of her store and proximity to Ang’s (free?) bar stock, will there be a Mob Wives makeover party in the near future? “The next party I’m going to throw is a grand opening and no one’s invited [laughs]. We are the f–king worst party goers that have ever hit television.”

Catch the true Drita dishing out makeup tips (and likely cracking jokes) during tonight’s beauty seminar in Manhattan. For more info on tickets check out makeupbydrita.com.

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[Photo: Getty Images]