Love And Hip Hop Reunion Part II Sneak Peek

“All that ass in those jeans.” We think Waka Flocka was on to something. There’s a whole lot of booty in the sneak peek for part dos of the Love and Hip Hop reunion. And it’s all mostly Tahiry’s dunk. Don’t worry if you’re a tad bit jealous, as were we. She tells you the secret–besides getting it from her mama–on how to get a big booty like hers.

Of course part two of the reunion isn’t going to be all about Tahiry’s backside, although that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. There’s plenty of drama to go around including the footage of the backstage fight between Consequence and Joe Budden and the big elephant in the room. That elephant goes by the name of RACE–one of the most controversial moments of the season between Raqi and Jen. Rashidah’s punchlines made her the heavy weight champ of part one. Who will take the belt for part two? Tune in Monday, April 15 at 8PM ET.

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