The Craziest And Most Ratchet Quotes From This Season’s Love And Hip Hop

Rashidah’s proud “This is a 1000 dollars a bundle, bitch!” declaration to Raqi will forever be a classic reality TV moment. That wasn’t the only quotable from this season’s Love and Hip Hop that had us rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL). From “clocking p*ssy miles” to “sent you home in a dollar van,” the one liners were flawless–flawlessly ratchet. Love and Hip Hop may have come to an end for now, but the outrageous quotes will live on forever. Let’s have a toast to the best quotes of the season, and by all means, add your favorites in the comment section.

“Raqi Thunder? I call her IP. Industry p—y.” – Rashidah Ali to Tahiry about Raqi

“You put your cape on once again to save this h*.” – Raqi to Joe

“I brought it up to give you life. Your lifeline is dead.” Erica to Lo’rel

“Are you secretly in love with me?” – Joe to Raqi

“You in the bed with me? You clocking my p—y miles?” – Raqi to Rashidah

“I’m very serious about it. Don’t be no flirty bimbo a– broads on the radio.” – Ebro

“When was the last time that you did radio that you could say I’m cold? I’m Jen the f—- Pen.”Jen

“Call me a bitch and I will tear your a— out the frame.” – Raqi

“Honey I’m white. It will get done.” – Jen

“You can see cameltoe. You can see everything.”Mendeecees

“She doesn’t need a manager; she needs a psychiatrist.” – Mama Dollaz

“You think I give a f— if you like me or not?” -Mendeecees responds to Yandy’s cousin

“I don’t f— for money. Sorry.”Lore’l to Winter

“Hope you make all the money in the world off this book, homegirl, because you gon’ have some problems.” – Lorel to winter

“Breakup with her musically too. Let’s get this over with man.” – Peter Gunz in regards to Erica

“I think what should happen from here as a sign of good faith and reconciliation is a threesome.” – Joe to Tahiry

“Listen, Rudolph don’t run my crib.”Consequence

“I also know that you’re an a–hole and you think with your d— a lot.”Olivia to Rich

“She’s wild, people love a cartoon.” – Mama Dollaz on Erica

“You call yourself hip-hop’s confidante. You’re hip-hop’s whore.” -Rashidah

“What do you have a credit card scrap between your a–hole and your co*chie?” – Raqi

“This is a thousand dollars a bundle, bitch.” – Rashidah

“Miss Thang, nobody cares about you. Who are you Al Bundy? You sell shoes.” – Raqi

“Does Rich have like a gold-tipped d—?” – Olivia

“I’m not out here to look like a bird no more.” – Raqi

“I’m sorry your pockets is a little dry, boo. You’re one step away from a unibrow, bitch.” – Tahiry

“Let’s pray on it.” – Joe to Kaylin

“You a b— from the projects and you here up like you somebody.” – Erica to Tiffany

“Maybe I would have never felt some type of way to get head from a b— and send her back home in a dollar van.” – Erica to Rich

“And make sure you return your shoes when this is over.” – Rashidah

“Do not ever tell me to chill.” –  Mona to Raqi

“No, you can’t ask me s—, Buckey.” – Raqi

“I made her give me head that night I met her and I sent her back home in a dollar van.” – Erica

“Is that what I did? Or did I go back to Rich’s house & talk about how stretchy your p*ssy was?” – Tiffany

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