‘There Is No Erica And Scrappy’ Straight From Erica’s Mouth

And somewhere Shay is doing a good ol’ Baptist church praise dance. Her prayers have been answered. Is it really a wrap for Erica and Scrappy’s engagement?

Erica didn’t look like she had a care in the world at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiere party in ATL. It didn’t look she’d been anywhere singing Mary J’s “I’m Goin’ Down” either, more like “No More Drama.” For season two Erica says she’s looking forward to “doing her thing, moving on with her life, relationship wise, career wise.” That’s not exactly saying the couple threw in the towel. That is until she’s asked about Scrappy whose hood romantical “Is you gon’ marry a n—-?” proposal went down at the reunion last year. When the interviewer asked her specifically about Scrappy she gave an enthusiastic, “No! There is no Erica and Scrappy.” In total disbelief the interviewer asks, “What?” She shakes her head with another confirmation of “NO!”

Because it bears repeating, Shay is somewhere filled with the holy ghost. Rumors of Erica trotting around town ringless have been floating around, and she wasn’t wearing it when she stopped by the VH1 offices yesterday. This reminds us of a line from a legendary Chicago poet: “It was all good just a week ago.”

Do you think they’re really broken up? Should they get back together if they are no longer together? Take the poll!

Are Erica And Scrappy Really Split Up For Good?

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