Mob Wives Reunion Sneak Peek: Karen Tells Carla To Google It

On Sunday’s Mob Wives reunion episode Dr. Drew tries to get to the bottom of the obvious tension that exists between Carla and Karen. Unlike Love’s stories of stolen angel wings and ex-boyfriends, this rift appears to be deeply rooted in family history. And so, when there’s a disagreement over facts, Karen instructs Carla to get herself educated: “Go on Google, mother f–ker.” Just like any polite woman would do.

Has there ever been an icier way of encouraging someone to play around on the Internet? Contributing to this feud is the fact that both Carla and Karen have their own interpretation of what went on many years ago between their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers, all of whom can’t be there to explain themselves. Dr. Drew can try all he wants, but some grudges never die.

Catch the Mob Wives Season Three reunion episode this Sunday at 9/8 C!

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