K.Michelle’s Hair Keeps On Changing In Season Two

One thing that hasn’t changed from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season one to season two is how often K.Michelle changes her hair. We wonder if K.Michelle’s hair is $1,000 a bundle too?

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  • kmep3-1344460451

  • kmepisode1-1344460450

  • kmichhairep1-1344460449

  • 2-1344460504

  • 3-1344460503

  • 5-1344460501

  • 6-1344460499

  • 7-1344460493

  • ep1-1344460489

  • ep1km-1344460487

  • ep3-1344460484

  • ep3km-1344460482

  • episode3-1344460477

  • 9w-1345133799

  • ep7-1345133803

  • km7-1345133804

  • kmep6-1345133805

  • kmep7-1345133800

  • kmhair6-1345133805

  • 9w-1345481145

  • ep10-1345481144

  • ep9-1345481146

  • kmep10-1345481145

  • kmhair10-1345481143

In the first episode alone (yeah we’re humble bragging that we’ve seen it before it premieres) K.Michelle has about three hairstyles. If you’ve watched the supertrailer you know her hair will keep changing and changing and changing again. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we. The hair gallery you never thought you needed takes a look at all the K.Michelle hairstyles of the first season. Thank us later.

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