The Best Moments From The Mob Wives Reunion: A Rib-Licking Good Time

The wait is finally over and another season of Mob Wives is officially in the books. Love did not grace the stage to defend her unthinkable behavior, but the women had more than enough to say about her antics this season in her absence.

Along with Big Ang, Carla, Drita, Karen, Ramona, Renee, and a few special guests, Dr. Drew was responsible for getting to the bottom of Season Three’s biggest issues. (Angel wings, anyone?) So without further ado…

When Love’s Away, The Ladies Will Play

With Love out of the picture the women were able to speak frankly about what went down at Drita’s ’80s-themed birthday bash that left Carla with a bloody hand and “these girls” with an even more infamous reputation among New York party venues. There was a lot of yelling back and forth, ultimately creating the general consensus that Ms. Majewski is just as unpredictable as she lauded herself to be. “I didn’t get cake again!” Ang replied. Leave it to Angela to remind us of what’s important.

Dave’s Surprise Visit

With Karen’s relationship with Karina and her plan to bring her daughter to New York a main story arc this year, it was a nice addition to have her daughter’s father on hand to weigh in on their co-parenting. It was also important to hear his thought process when it came to the decision to let his girlfriend (at that point, a complete stranger to Karen) take Karina to the doctor. And withstand Ramona’s constant comments that he’s still in love with her cousin, of course.

Ramona’s Taste For Blood (And Body Parts)

At least she appreciates good dental hygiene?

Renee’s Face Says It All

Having been through the ringer this season physically and emotionally, Renee is putting it all on the table. Which is why her facial expressions were the best indication of whether something said was crazy, or utterly and completely bats–t.

Dr. Drew Won’t Take “No” For An Answer

Living up to his reputation, the doctor pushed these women to the brink, not willing to settle for a transparent response of vague status update. He specifically pushed Drita, who attempted to paint a rosy-colored glow over the pain and strife that have come with her documented marriage. And despite the other women admitting the quickness with which Joe moved on from his marriage to Carla, his soon to be ex-wife assured us that she’s “good.” Really? Dr. Drew doesn’t seem to think so.

Big Ang’s Shine

Keeping yourself away from most of the drama all season long typically means you’re quite come reunion time. Luckily, Ang’s outfit assured us that The Neutral One doesn’t necessarily need to be overlooked. People still vacation in Switzerland!

What did you think of the Mob Wives reunion? Were you upset that Love wasn’t there? Will Carla ever find some peace with “these girls”? Let us know in the comments.

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