Erica And Mimi Agree That Kirk “Tried It” As They React To The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Supertrailer

There’s watching the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta supertrailer for season two and there’s watching it with Erica and Mimi. The latter is a hell of a lot more fun with their straight, no chaser commentary.

Erica and Mimi held no punches as they watched the short clip of what’s to come this season. Joseline calling Mimi a maid caused a good laugh. “I’m a business owner,” Mimi said while watching. “What do you own, girlfriend?” They weren’t feeling Kirk’s Maury “Who’s the daddy?” behavior toward their girl Rasheeda.  “Shocked. Still shocked that he tried my girl Rasheeda,” Erica said. “He tried it,” Mimi said. For those of you not familiar with the colloquialism of LHH ATL, “[He/She/You/They]tried it” = He/She/You/They tried to embarrass someone and failed miserably.

Erica isn’t that fazed by Shay returning. “Shay’s back again sounding like a broken record.” Neither Mimi or Erica could hold their cackles after Momma Dee warned, “Change is coming.” Erica wants K.Michelle and Rasheeda to move on from the beef. “I’m tired of it.” As we now know Mimi and K.Michelle have made up, so Mimi clarified, “I don’t have a beef with K.Michelle. If you watch the show you’ll understand.”

To sum up how they felt after watching the supertrailer, “All four of my TVs gon’ be on,” Erica said. They’re so ready! And so is everybody else. Tune in tonight at 8PM ET.

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