Doberman Pinschers And Rib Toothpicks: Ramona Rizzo’s Best Mob Wives Reunion Quotes

From what we saw in Sunday’s reunion episode, all of the Mob Wives understand that a pithy, perhaps profanity-laced response, tends to catch the attention of Dr. Drew and viewers at home. But none of the ladies understood this more than Ramona Rizzo.

Karen may have forever changed the way I approach an Internet search and Dr. Drew addressed the elephant in the room (Love’s absence) is as classy a way as possible, but Ms. Rizzo came ready to play, with her references to Doberman Pinschers and toothpicks made from human flesh. Both hilarious and biting, her contributions to an already dramatic hour stole the show. (Remind me never to give her a reason to refer to me as a “cop caller.”) But enough of my chatter, let’s get straight to Ramona’s mouth…

“I want your ribs to come out so I can toothpick myself after I eat your skin because you’re that annoying to me.”

“Why don’t you sign a piece of paper so when I beat you, you won’t call the cops. Why don’t you, tough guy?”

“Trust me and believe, you’re the modern day Klu Klux Klan.”

“Ain’t lying, no reason to.”

“No, why don’t you shut yours, you Doberman Pinscher-looking son of a b–ch.”

“I don’t care who she’s fiending for semen, that ain’t my business.”

“I don’t talk behind people’s back, I say it to your face. Not like you, Green Street Gangsta.”

“YOU’RE A COP CALLER! You’re a cop caller! You’re a cop caller.”

“Some people wanna go to lawyers, me and Drita and Karen rock a different way.”

“Tomorrow he could wake up and say, ’Hey, you know what? I fell in love with the dude next to me in jail.’ It is what it is.”

What do you think about Ramona’s string of deafening one-liners? Did she save her best verbal smackdowns for the reunion, or has she always been that good with words? Does Carla really look like a Doberman?

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