What’s Ratchet Or Not According To Mimi And Erica

Is Beyonce’s “Bow Down” ratchet? How about Rashidah Ali saying her weave was $1,000 a bundle? Erica and Mimi have the answers to all your “Is this ratchet?” queries. Chances are if you have to ask, it’s probably RATCHET!

Ratchet has many meanings, and can serve multiple purposes. YouTube personalities Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson captured all that is ratchet in their over 40 million views “Ratchet Girl Anthem” video. But one person’s ratchet is someone else’s normal. Here’s what’s ratchet and not according to Mimi and Erica.

Gossip Game’s Ms. Drama and Vivian arguing at an industry event? “Anybody arguing at an industry event, that’s ratchet,” Erica said. Rashidah’s $1,000 a bundle claim? “Ratchet. Definitely ratchet.” Twerking in your seat while at work? “Not ratchet!” they said in unison after twerking it. Basketball WivesTami Roman? “She’s avoiding it,” Erica interrupts Mimi. “Look honey, you got ratchet.” Check out the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ladies have some fun as they get real about what’s ratchet and not.

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